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ss-tromperie-ps.over-blog.com: Le blog de 2012-maya - renaissance d'un mouvement d'alternative et d'espèrance "autre" pour nos enfants de demain. reconstruction d'un social et d'une solidarité authentiques au service de la France populaire et des citoyens français athées-croyant

renaissance d'un mouvement d'alternative et d'espèrance "autre" pour nos enfants de demain. reconstruction d'un social et d'une solidarité authentiques au service de la France populaire et des citoyens français athées-croyant

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somalia.msf.org: Home - MSF Somalia - Access to healthcare

Continuously present in South Central Somalia since 1991, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) remains the main provider of free medical services and has long-running projects in Banadir, Bay, Galgaduud, Hiraan, Lower Juba, Middle Shabelle, Lower Shabelle and Mudug regions. In 2010 MSF started working in the Maroodi Jeex Region of Somaliland. MSF teams are also setting up another project in Sanaag Region, Somaliland. In Ethiopia’s Somali region, MSF assists refugees from Somalia as well as ethnic Somalis living in Ethiopia. MSF also works in Djibouti, Egypt, Kenya, Malta, and until recently, Yemen providing medical care to Somali refugees and asylum seekers.

segurancaonline.com: Segurança Online

O portal Segurança Online é uma plataforma inovadora que permite aceder a toda a informação técnica e legal sobre Segurança. As suas várias funcionalidades (ferramentas de cálculo e de pesquisa, serviço de questões técnicas, arquivo documental) transformam-no numa verdadeira ferramenta de trabalho para os vários profissionais e intervenientes do sector da segurança em Portugal.

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21 | They/Them | Lithuanian | Warnings: I spam and I try to aesthetic but shitposting still happens.| Some people’s armpits are brighter than my future.

stockport.nhs.uk: Stockport NHS Foundation Trust

Stockport NHS Foundation Trust's main hospital is Stepping Hill, which looks after a population of approximately 350,000 people. The Trust also runs community health services for a further 250,000 people across 17 sites in High Peak, Tameside and Glossop.

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