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  • Guest - Best Floss on the Market

    I have been very sad ever since J&J discontinued their woven floss. Sadness replaced with happiness when my new dentist gave me Cocofloss with my recent visit. Cleans just as well as the woven, but doesn't catch in your teeth. What a great age we live in! :-)

  • S. Schultz - Earthing Works!

    We just received our Grounding Mats a couple of days ago. I used it while sitting in my recliner the first night... almost immediately I felt a tingling sensation on the bottom of my feet - lasted about 15 minutes. I moved my legs to position my calf muscles on the pad next... "warm" sensation (improved circulation?) almost immediately, followed by a feeling of "tightness" (about 15 minutes), then relaxation of the calf muscles. Stayed on the calf muscles a while longer... suddenly "pain" on the side of my knee - lasted about 15 minutes, then went away. Continued on the calf muscles... next sensation "pain" on the joints at the top of my hip girdle at the base of my spine - lasted about 20 minutes. These sensations & spasms (gentle & manageable) continued up the muscles of the spine. Used the Earth Mat that night, in bed, under my calf/feet, slept through the night with one wake up experience to change from right side to left side... NO BATHROOM TRIPS! Worked exactly the same the 2nd day that I used it, including more energy stamina during the 2nd day (after the 1st night use). WOW, I'm hooked on grounding - I'm looking forward to the other health benefits that others have experienced! Including reducing my need for Nutritional Supplements that others have reported (reduced or eliminated need for Supplements or medications). I recently (about 8 months ago) discovered a Nutritional Supplement for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that has worked for me - now I am anticipating being able to reduce or eliminate it if the grounding does what research has shown it to do - activating ATP & Cell Mitochondria activity. That is exactly what the Nutritional Supplement was found to do for the CFS - I have ALWAYS preferred solutions that activate the wonderful things of my own body's immune system (as opposed to drugs - which typically simply MASK symptoms or cause other unwanted side effects).

  • Keith Wilson - I already get the magazine in the mail, I just added the app to my kindle....

    It's great, I don't need to have my hard copy issue with me when I am out with my Kindle, I can just pull it up and read! It's great!