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  • D. James Graham - Natasha did a great job writing this book and it is practical guidelines ...

    This book changed our families life - Really. Our son had major gut issues and following these instructions, we now know what he can and cannot eat. Along the way the whole family supported our son and now we found out what issues we had. Natasha did a great job writing this book and it is practical guidelines to help any age person.

  • Jacquelyn S. - A Miracle!

    This stuff is a life saver. I have been to the doctor before and been told that there's no issues with me but I've had odors for years that never go away no matter how clean I am! Even immediately after showering. This stuff worked in a matter of 2 days. When I started buying it on Amazon it was more like $18 but has since gone up but I still pay because it's less than all local stores. It is a continual supplement you need to take because I notice when I lose track or skip time taking it the odor comes back. It's worth $20/month for the self confidence boost and healthy feeling!

  • marie guice - Fast shipping & great service

    Perfect I use this to twist my dreads as well as my daughters it works great and also smells magnificent!!

  • Nanna to 5 - Worst software I've ever purchased

    The only greeting card/calendar software I've ever owned has been PrintMaster and I have loved every version. I have bought many upgrades over the years. Of course, as a previous reviewer said, they won't operate on Windows 8, therefore the purchase of the PM platinum 12. I never dreamed PrintMaster would sell such a bad product. I am not a novice with PrintMaster, but I could not make this software work. It will not print, as stated above. It doesn't have freehand cropping, which was a tool I used much more than regular cropping. The list of failures and disappointments with this product goes on and on, but I think you get the picture. Technical support is non-existent for this version. Do not waste your time or your money!

  • Merajade - Don't do it

    Not the original as advertised. I owned the original, this is a cheap copy that does not work at all. Very disappointed! When you go to move the bars inward the center warps, wobbles and pinches. Do not buy this offer. Look for the actual original rather than wasting funds on the slightly less price.

  • Truth Teller - AWFUL and Sad

    REALLY ZERO STARS!!!! I'm an African American woman and this product has RUINED my feet. I had a very small problem, but this product mad it WORSE. I have hyperpigmentation, so when the skin came back it was darker and worse! Who knows how to get rid of this. I don't wear the boots that caused the problem, but Now I have a LARGER problem where the product has burned my skin. :-( I used to have the prettiest feet, but this ruined the three VERY tiny minute small spots I was treating. I wish I would have tested on one toe before I used it on three. I wish the product did not exist. Please place a warning on the package that if if you scar easily and have brown skin that the product will make your toes DARKER and WORSE. Do not use this if you have pretty brown skin, or your toes will be black and purple in the end. I am sooooooooooooo very sad I ever used this. :-( I only gave it one star because I could not post with ZERO stars!

  • connor beadling - Been a heavy smoker for about 5 years. Passed ...

    Been a heavy smoker for about 5 years. Passed thanks and only thanks to this product and a ton of water. 5 stars and will use again.