Substance P and trigeminal system- effect of dental orthopedicsSubstance P: Clinical Insights | Focused on impact of Dental Orthopedics on Sustance P: Dwight Jennings, DDS; Alameda, California - Substance P and trigeminal system presents information on how dental orthopedics impacts substance P levels and thus many disease process

  • Substance P Cascade due to compromised dental orthopedic relationshipSubstance P: Clinical Insights - Substance P Cascade describes medical pathologies created when there is a compromised dental orthopedic relationship.Bite therapy often reverses illnesses.
  • Lowering Substance P through precision dental orthopedics is not knownSubstance P: Clinical Insights - Lowering substance P through Precision Dental Orthopedics is a treatment that is not well known. The trigeminal nerve has a dominant impact on SP levels.
  • what is a nociceptorSubstance P: Clinical Insights - Understanding what is a nociceptor is a critical to understanding many diseases. It is the sensory system that drives an organism, hence it is critical.

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  • Ariane Dee - Great book! Rick Steves is the best -- I ...

    Great book! Rick Steves is the best -- I wouldn't go anywhere in Europe without one of his guidebooks!

  • lil b - to expensive & poor tasting recipes

    Great information on sugar and the effects it has on your body. You realize the addiction you may have with sugar. With that said its ridiculously expensive to buy all the vitamins and ingredient's. The recipes are horrible! You can barley swallow some of them. If it doesn't taste good you can't stick to it. Dr. Oz shows ways to eat healthier and still have it taste good, something you can stick with. I paid full price the day this book came out and should have waited to read reviews. This is not for the every day average folks as you will spend over 300.00!!!. Save your money and buy a diabetic book and a healthy recipe book with recipes you may actually enjoy.