Review: - Softovac Powder - Bowel Regulator Oral Laxative Acute Constipation & IBS - View - Softovac Powder is an ayurvedic medicine oral laxative powder for chronic and acute constipation, irritable bowel syndrome (ibs), diverticular disease, crohn's disease and diverticulitis treatment. Softovac Powder is also available in a sugar free version safe for diabetics as Softovac SF powder wh

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  • lil Green guy is awesome! - Shocking Hair growth and incredible gains! Unbelievable result!

    Fortunately, bald-head is not part of my DNA but I do take this to have thicker and fuller eyebrows. [Yeah, I know it's funny} My eyebrows are thicker than ever before it's like a Mongolia forests that runs straight through horizontally above my eyes.

  • Andie - Feels Good on sore Muscles

    I got this Hot Cream because I occasionally get sore muscles on my legs and nothing seems to really help. This Hot Cream feels really nice, and I love the smell. I don't know if it really gets rid of my cellulite yet since I am using this for a week now but I like it anyway and it's great to rub on sore muscles. This is a good product if you are tired and need some relief from tired or achy muscles. I apply this to my legs and knees at night. I've noticed less aches while I'm sleeping. It has a faint smell, but nothing too overpowering. It is not sticky at all and absorbs rather quickly leaving your skin instantly hydrated so I like that. Definitely keep it away from the eye area as the medicine can irritate your eyes. I get cool feeling like what peppermint would feel like. I also use it on my hands to soothe the aches from typing so much. I've been using this every night after work and it really relaxes my shoulder muscles. It feels warm but not hot and is very soothing and relaxing. it works as described, I recommend this to everyone.

  • Shorty J - Great Tasting Muscle Recovery Product

    I am using this along with MUSCLE BUILDER by MUSCLETECH. MUSCLETECH products have always been amazing. I have been using them for 16 years and I have never been disappointed. This MYOBUILD is helping me recover better after my workouts. I am not as sore when I use this product and it tastes pretty good!

  • Cole! 7.9.15 <3 - DO NOT RECOMMEND

    There were several grammatical errors was well as answers/ explanations that didn't line up correctly.

  • M. Kroeger - Great cycling computer...

    Great cycling computer... Nice compact size with still very readable screens... Ties in easily to speed/cadence & heart rate monitors, Bluetooths easily to my S7Edge, automatically uploads, great stats for analysis, very good notification features...