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  • Stella - Do Not Purchase. Severely burned my face

    I seldom write reviews but for this product, I have to write one. Please note the distribution of review ratings (many 1 star reviews) before considering the purchase. I chose to be ignorant and thought this would not apply to me, but it did. My skin has always been healthy and not allergic to any product, peel or microdermabrasion procedure. However, this product gave me such a severe burn that I had to ice my face for half a day. Like other reviewers have mentioned, the burn did not start until I wiped off the product at the 6-minute mark. Then it was excruciatingly painful and my face turned bright red. I was so scared that this caused permanent damage to my face. I could not put anything on my face but aloe vera gel. For the following week, my skin felt very taut and looked tanned. Now, 3 weeks later, my skin is still very sensitive and I wonder if it will ever return to its former condition. Please take my word of advice and DO NOT PURCHASE this product.

  • C. Sharp - I thought the flexible neck would be useful in positioning it

    You're head will spin trying to research these bluetooth transmitters because there's so many of them and it's hard to really distinguish the true differences between all of them. For whatever reason I picked this one - partly because of where my 12v outlet is located. I thought the flexible neck would be useful in positioning it. I also like that it was a bit larger.

  • K. Nguyen - It Works For Me.

    I put the 8 ounces bottle into car engine and it helps. There is an acceptable itsy bitsy leak left. You can watch "Fixing Oil Seal Leaks Fast" video on YouTube by scottykilmer. You need 8 ounces for car engine or transmission usage, and 3 ounces for power steering. I am going to order more for power steering and transmission usage.

  • Angelica - Good mat

    I bought this mat after using a really slim one for over a decade and love it. Feels soft and cushiony. Wrist/knee pain I had before are gone. I would not recommend it if you have to carry it over long distances (subway commutes, air travel, etc.) but I drive to and from yoga class and love how soft and comfortable it is in savasanah.

  • Reader - Stronger hair!

    I am very happy with this product which was recommended by author "Chicoro" who wrote, "Grow It". The book is about how to grow ethnic hair that is coiled/curly. My hair was breaking every month and it was how I was treating it and also that I never used protein treatments. Right away, I noticed a difference after using Aphogee 2 step protein treatment. The secret is to follow the directions carefully and deep condition afterwards. If your hair is shedding heavily, breaking and splitting, this product will stop it cold. It works very well, but don't use too often.

  • Lucas Borntreger - Almost as good as my old GB tester... Almost.

    I want to give 5 stars since this tester does more than my previous GB tester did. However it's very difficult to see what lights are actually on when the plugs are wired wrong like an open ground... Sometimes they all appear to be on and there is no diagnosis that has all on so I have to whip out the trusty multimeter to see what's actually going on just to find out only the middle light was actually glowing but the the thin plastic allowed the light to bleed into the other spots.