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  • J. Norman - Great mount with poor quality lag screws

    I'm using this mount on a 65" Samsung and it feels super sturdy on the wall, even if the mount is fully extended. I did have issues with the cheap lag screws they sent with the mount, and don't recommend using them. I actually broke one off in the wall, and had to make an emergency trip to Lowe's to finish the project. This also forced me to move the mount up a bit as I could no longer use the hole I'd drilled.

  • Jeff J - What happens in Vegas, needs to stay in Vegas!

    These sly demons were crouched ready, hiding in the mini bar in my hotel room here in Vegas, ever ready to unleash their destruction on the next unsuspecting hotel guest. "Hah , here's an easy target, we'll make him hit the jack-pot" they said while scheming and waiting in the bowels of darkness. I didn't think much about it when I consumed just 4 oz's of those innocent looking gummi bears.There needs to be a surgeon general warning label on the package. It was one of the most intensive G.I. cleanses you can buy with $8 and I didn't even have to leave my hotel room (more like I couldn't leave for 8 hrs). When I woke up this morning, I felt like Scrooge when he got a renewed lease on life after staring death in the face. Never, ever again will I do such a thing, by accident or by choice.Next time, I will choose the over priced $8 package of M&M's, thank you very much!

  • Christopher Smock - Durable good looks!

    Good looks. Durable. I've got these on the front and rear of my '05 Tacoma. The original 4x4 flaps were toast. These Huskies have been through a lot. They're stiff/strong, but super flexible. I've dropped them onto rocks and folded them many times with no breaking or damage. Highly recommended.

  • V. L. Gottschalk - Airborne

    Airborne is great for dealing with cold and allergy symptoms without chemicals. Knocks back the worst of it very well. I split it in half for my grandkids and it's even better on their colds/symptoms. Love Airborne!