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  • Paul - hair seems healthier

    used for a couple months now. can't say that there is any new hair growth, but existing hair seems thicker and healthier. also seems that less hair coming out when coming, etc so that's good. overall, nice smell and not greasy (the oil based version is like putting bacon grease on your hair so beware).

  • Amazon Customer - Not Painless

    It's not painless at all. It sort of worked when I tried shaving my legs with it, but when I got to my thighs, it started to hurt me. I now have a lot of microscopic cuts on my upper thighs, and a terrible rash that came from the razor burn. It didn't work at all on some other parts of my body, and left a lot of stubble on others. Also, the stubble attachment, it doesn't do anything at all, aside from causing even more razor burn. I'd almost rather get my legs waxed than use this piece of trash again. I'm sorry that money was actually spent on this, and it will be returned as soon as possible. Don't waste your money.

  • Frank Furter - works perfectly with the light bar on my geo tracker ...

    works perfectly with the light bar on my geo tracker.... it has saved us several times after storms using it to light up the whole street while chainsawing fallen trees from the roadway to open up our neighborhood streets.

  • Makenna - Wonderful screen protector!

    This screen protector is great! I bought this protector for an iPhone 6. It arrived on time, and very well packaged. When I got it, the packaging was easy to open. The screen protector came in a hard covered little box, that was very good, and it protected it very well. The protected was very easy and fast to put on. It fit perfectly on the iPhone 6, and it is a little bit thick, but that means that it will protect the phone well. The screen is very easy to touch with it on, it causes no obstructions or difficulties. Overall, this screen protector is wonderful! I definitely recommend it. *I received this product for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. All I have said about the product is true; it is great*

  • michael bucek - Wonderful Natural Alternative to Gripe Water

    We were using Gripe Water on our baby boy for his gas issues. Little did we now that it has preservatives and chemicals in it. I feel so much more confidant in giving him an all natural remedy such as the Catnip/Fennel Extract. Added bonus; no need to refrigerate, so it can travel in the diaper bag with us!

  • azcutie - Did not work for my yeast problem

    I tried this diet for four months after being on another anti-candida diet for eight months. I was hopeful that it would cure my problem, but my yeast problem was no better than when I started. I have since started the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, and the book Breaking the Vicious Cycle explains the science of digestion and how you can healt your digestion through proper diet. The probiotic foods and other vegetables (including the sea vegetables) suggested in the Body Ecology Diet are too advanced if you are having digestive and yeast overgrowth issues. If you cannot fully digest these advanced foods because your digestion is damaged, these more advanced foods only fuel the yeast overgrowth problem.