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  • 357 Mag! - As always. Can't say I see any improvements after ...

    As always. Can't say I see any improvements after 2 years of usage. I've still lost hair in the last 2 years however, am afraid to stop using because am afraid it may all drop off really fast. Somebody help me grow hair....

  • D. M. - Best router ever. Period.

    Hands down the greatest router on the market today. My home is 2 story, ~3500sqft, brick construction with wifi and wired devices spread across the entire thing. Previous setups required me to add repeaters and a second router on the 1st floor, but all that goes away with this beast. It is expensive but it works so I can't complain.

  • sarebear - Amazing as always!

    The book is always fantastic to read, something everyone can enjoy and talk about and this year's has to be my favorite. The formatting is better than previous years and easier to read, and I love the infographics on every page. I can sit and flip through this book for hours and it never gets old - a must buy!

  • ADventureAng - Amazing product, works with just one application!

    I am amazed with this stuff: I saw results after one use! I was surprised that it was a liquid and not a gel, but it is way better than any gel I've ever used because it dries instantly and goes on easily with a cotton ball. I have been plagued with razor burn bumps in the underarm area and really just thought it was something I had to deal with: sounds weird, but I was always jealous of girls who had smooth underarms. I am fully confident that I will now be the envy of other girls. After just one use, they are virtually gone! I will definitely continue to use this stuff! A little warning though, it doesn't really smell the greatest, but once it dries (which is instantly), it doesn't smell at all, so that's good. I also used this product in the bikini area and didn't experience any irritation at all and those razor bumps also disappeared after one use. When used right after shaving, it does sting a little, but that quickly goes away. If you are on the fence about the price, I'd say go for it because it definately works and you won't be disappointing. I wish I found this stuff years ago!

  • northgamommy - I'll admit I was duped into purchasing this one after seeing the "If you like..

    Wow. I'll admit I was duped into purchasing this one after seeing the "If you like....then read this...". I also was lured in by the many positive reviews. After reading it however, I was floored by how awful it was. While it wasn't the absolute worst thing I've ever read, it is pretty close to t the top. I trudged through it even though it was a short read. I found myself looking for anything to distract me from reading it sometimes but because I paid for it, I felt the need to finish it. The writing is atrocious, almost as bad as the 50 Shades trilogy (also garbage) that's why I'm giving it a two and not a one star rating. I wish I could've gotten a refund and I cannot imagine reading (let alone paying for) the multiple continuations of this story line.