SHS Hoof Wraps - Steward Hoof Solutions - Home - Steward Hoof Solutions - SHS Hoof Wraps are a Hoof Protection System that rolls onto the hoof then sets hard and fast within minutes.

  • About SHS - Steward Hoof Solutions - About SHS - We are dedicated to providing the best care and treatments available for our beloved horses.
  • Veterinarians - Steward Hoof Solutions - Veterinarians - Steward Hoof Solutions - When should you bring in a Veterinarian?
  • Farriers - Steward Hoof Solutions - Farriers SHS Wraps Applications for Prolapsed Soles, Wearing Properties, Heel Pain, Laminitis / Founder, and Heel Pain. What causes Wrapping Failure.
  • Race Horses - Steward Hoof Solutions - Race Horse SHS Hoof Wraps are lightweight wraps. The lightweight substrate runs in 2” or 3” width X 4 Yards long that can be cut to any length needed.
  • Trimmers - Steward Hoof Solutions - Trimmers - SHS Wraps have proven that adding temporary dynamic support helps restore a functional hoof faster than a horse that is turned out for months.
  • The Trim - Steward Hoof Solutions - The Trim - Steward Hoof Solutions. There are many methods that are being discussed about "the perfect trim." However, some types of hooves do not have enough material to trim.
  • Horse Owners - Steward Hoof Solutions - Horse Owners Frequently Asked Questions: Do I need a farrier to put on SHS Hoof Wraps on my horse? For easy applications “no”.
  • Tutorials - Steward Hoof Solutions - Tutorials - Steward Hoof Solutions - The success of using SHS Hoof wraps greatly depends on the individual’s desire and expertise.
  • How to Apply a Cast - Steward Hoof Solutions - How to Apply an SHS Hoof Wrap Cast - Step 1 - Clean the hoof off well with a wire brush to be sure no dirt is on the hoof and add Glue.
  • Contact - Steward Hoof Solutions - Steward Hoof Solutions Contact Information and Directions 2372 Morse Avenue, Suite 205 Irvine, CA, 92614. Telephone: (949) 852-5121
  • Shelly Hoof Walls - Steward Hoof Solutions - Shelly Hoof Walls - Steward Hoof Solutions - Poor genetics, environment, nutrition, and foot care are the main causes of thin, shelly feet.
  • Support for Quarter or Toe Cracks - Steward Hoof Solutions - Toe Crack? Whichever treatment is your preference, Adding SHS Hoof Wraps are sure way to secure, support and protect your work and is an inexpensive altern
  • Laminitis - Steward Hoof Solutions - Laminitis is one of the most common causes of lameness and disability of horses and ponies in this country.
  • Long toe, Under-run heels, Thin soles - Steward Hoof Solutions - Long toe, Under-run heels, Thin soles can be brought on by improper trimming and shoeing methods
  • Navicular and or Heel Pain - Steward Hoof Solutions - Navicular and or Heel Pain syndrome refers to a degenerative condition within the navicular apparatus, which includes multiple structures--the n ...
  • Forging Shoes Off - Steward Hoof Solutions - Forging generally occurs when a horse has gone a bit too long between shoeing and the hind hooves get too long.

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    First let me preface with the fact that we are average if not above average DIY. We refinish mid century furniture and resell for a hobby so we definitely know our way around a sanding block.

  • Olga Minkevich - Good stuff

    I haven't bought these item from Amazon but I've been taking it religiously when I lived in Russia to fight cold and congestion. This is definitely a great medicine and it does tremendous help with sinus issues. As one of the reviewer mentioned, US unfortunately doesn't have the majority of medicine which Europe has and it's a shame. So try this out, it does work!

  • Long time user - Don't buy this version unless you are just starting a tree

    I have been using Family Tree Maker since the first version. I haven't always been happy with all the versions, but this one is a disaster. The only people who should use it are the ones just starting out with their family trees. The tree sync function does not work. It wipes out information of both the computer tree and the online tree at It doesn't wipe out the same information on both trees so supposedly if you put enough hard work into it you can recover both trees data. I just decided to stop using 2012 and go back to 2011. I am slowly putting my online trees back together but I have 4 very large trees to repair. I am not the only one to have this happen to. A cousin with trees even larger than mine also had this happen to her. I won't be using new FTM versions again. They just put out a patch this week which I applied to one of my trees. The good news is it seems to have left my online tree alone, but the computer tree lost more entries. If you are just starting out, FTM is easy to use and I was fairly happy with it until now. Printing graphs isn't fun but it is mostly do able. Graphs have always been a weak point for FTM

  • M. Mikulak - Color didn't last :(

    I helped my daughter "go all the way" with bleaching her hair from medium brown to light yellow-blonde before applying the Lusty Lavender color. Bleach process went well and was quick. Putting the lavender color on was WORK - because if you get this on your skin you'll have dark purple skin for weeks. It took over 30 minutes to put the color on her (very short) bleached hair, then we left it for an additional 30-40 mins. When she rinsed it out it was Pink - not purple - and definitely not the deep, dark purple as represented on the box. It also didn't adhere to all of her hair, and over the past two weeks has become lighter and lighter with lots of yellow-blonde showing. SUPER DISAPPOINTED. (Note: she did not wash her hair for 3 days after the coloring process and has been skipping wash days as well.) Would NOT buy again. I guess this is a simple "you get what you pay for."

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    looking forward to sharing this book with my niece. I am returning to college and she is preparing to go to college. good get!