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  • PaGee - I'd love to see the Northern Lights but you have to ...

    Reading a Lonely Planet travel guide is as close as I expect to get to Iceland. I'd love to see the Northern Lights but you have to be up North in the WINTER time and this Southern boy don't like bein' cold. Enter the Travel Guide. Not that many pictures of the lights but an a solid source of information. Nice and Concise.

  • Deborah McMahon - Hard to love a hero with no integrity...

    I normally like a good suspense novel, especially one with a smart female lead character. In spite of the advanced education and experience as an engineer for NASA, Liz Crawford landed herself in prison to cover for her drug-addicted sister. The story begins with Liz's return to her Kentucky roots to start over with the help of her ner-do-well sister who apparently still can't separate herself from the drug culture.

  • Brian Scalise - 1 PC / 1 User.....Kiss My A**

    I have 4 computers in my house. Only 1 will get this software. Get the he## out here. Who was the genius who thought of that? I will use my Office 2010 till 2110.

  • S. Kovacs-Argento - Light "Relief"

    The main points in case someone doesn't want to take the time to read this- if you don't like it; you will be charged shipping & I'm out $50 on shipping alone & could have bought a nice heating pad for that money. Beware. Print the info out & bring it to your doctor before spending $175