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  • Mark W. Bohrer - Seems pretty dura ble through a few cycles of rolling up ...

    This thing fits the Sprinter's big windshield perfectly, and keeps the vehicle much cooler than it was without it. Seems pretty dura ble through a few cycles of rolling up for storage and extending for use.

  • Amazon Customer - Amazing as advertised!!!

    The ear buds I received were just like most reviews I have read, they came nicely packaged with all accessories. I really enjoy the feel and the design, unlike most these buds you can actually put in your ears using one hand and once there in you don't have to adjust them...Amazing! Kudos to the design team on these. I am going to recommend these to everyone I know I'm the market for wireless ear buds.

  • BMcCraw - 4.5 Stars!

    This was really good! The story has a way of making you feel like Sophie, like you think you're loosing your mind slowly, which I really liked!

  • Nati - Works well

    I have a Vista stroller and was wondering about getting this organizer, but it's worth the $$. Whenever I'd get a drink, I'd have no where to put my cell (and I like to have it out vs in my purse, where I can't hear it). This works really well even with the cup holder still attached on the side.

  • Amazon Customer - very slow acting but good stuff

    I've been using vitex for years. it's slow acting but effective if you're patient with it. I love the packaging of this product. plus is really cheap for the amount you get.