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  • Riley - I really love this case

    I really love this case... BUT, it got dirty so fast and nothing will clean it. I can't use it anymore because it's so gross. I got so many compliments on this case, and several of my friends went out and bought one, this phone case sells itself. I wish I could still use it, but it's honestly embarrassing how dirty it is -- just from every day use. If you're going to buy this case, go with the black. I wish I would have.

  • A. Wayne Parker - It's not the be all to end all in learning to really play guitar or bass.

    I will start out with the positives. If you've never picked up a guitar this may be an excellent way to learn how to play, if you are serious and looking to play. I would suggest you study the "lessons" and learn about the guitar, it's keys, notes, chords, etc. Without this background you probably won't succeed past the program.

  • Billdoe - This Book Change The Course of My Marriage

    If you are married happily...read this book. If you are contemplating divorce...read this book. If you are single...read this book. Grab a big grain of salt for some of the parts, but the majority of the book should be required reading for high school students.

  • JaNean - Best flashlight I've ever seen!

    I simply can't say enough awesome things about this flashlight! I carry it with me everywhere I go and use it extensively in my profession. It's insanely bright (when I need it to be) and I love the rechargeable battery setup. I rarely need to run it at a setting higher that 3 (of 5) but when I do crank it up it makes other flashlight beams completely disappear in shame. Inspectors are quite picky about their flashlights and this is the best flashlight I've ever seen. I immediately bought one after seeing a co-worker with his and since that time most of the rest of the crew has bought them as well. They're that good.