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  • Darren Fleischer - A Quick Review

    First off, I need to preface this review by saying that Haribo Sugar Free Gummies are delicious, and that many of the Haribo products remain a dear childhood memory. For that reason alone I have not reached out to the Better Business Bureau. My psychiatrist told me from now on to stay positive, lest I have another horrible flashback of the events that occurred two months ago. That being said, this product both saved my life, as well as put it in unnecessary jeopardy.

  • Marilyn H. - who've been struggling with the same problem but we didn't know there was such an easy solution.

    I was having problems viewing Netflix on my TV -- probably because I couldn't locate my wifi router in a central location. My signal kept getting cut off. I use this unit as a range extender and has totally solved my problem. It couldn't have been easier to set up. Just plug in and choose my wireless network. Then, I had to change the wifi name on my TV to point to the Almond range extender, which is just my-wifi-name-Almond. I am already planning to buy two more units for my daughter's family, who've been struggling with the same problem but we didn't know there was such an easy solution.

  • LoveAmazon - Not impressed

    I ordered this product because the majority of the reviews said it smelled good. I know that was a risk on my part because smell is a matter of opinion, but I did not like the smell. Also, the bottle says it leaves your hair soft but I feel it makes my hair sticky even though I use a small amount. Overall, not impressed.

  • Scott M Evans - The Difference is Incredible

    The difference between the black that the vehicle came with and the chrome is incredible. After installing these I was almost mad at Jeep for not automatically putting these on to begin with, I know they have to have some differences in the trim packages but these make the car pop out.

  • Spawn38 - Great case!

    If your using an iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil, this is the best case you can buy. The material is strong, the pencil holder is secure, and the fabric feels great. My only complaint is that smudges tend to stay on the case. Also the buttons are not super hard to press like some of the other reviews say, they are still easily responsive.

  • Kim M. Young - Fantastic mount - be careful with larger tv installations

    This mount is awesome. We bought two of them this month and mounted my son's smaller tv (not sure dimensions) and our 37" insignia. It is fantastic, gives lots of movement options, and wasn't too difficult to install... except... the one complaint I would have is that if your tv is on the heavier side (our 37" was well within the weight guidelines but is definitely heavy) and you are trying to mount it up higher the last part when you screw the tv into the rail can be very difficult. I was on a small ladder ready to screw in and my husband was on the ground holding it up. The screws and hole at this point are very very tiny and has to be a very precise location to hold it in. Holding this large tv up for so long to match it up so precisely with the spinning bolts above it dropping into the way constantly can be very difficult. If those top screws that changed the angle were in a slightly different place or there was a way to hold them out of the way of this step that would be great. Or if the screw and hole were larger that would also be much easier.

  • Jorg - Kaspersky is the way to go.

    I build and repair PC's.. Tried all the Internet security apps... no Internet security program is bullet proof but if you want one that doesn't slow your system and doesn't have a bunch of false positives by blocking programs you really need then this is for you.. I've been using it on my personal Pc's for over 5 years now... Like I said tried others but I keep going back to Kaspersky.