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  • Faded elegance - Best Japan travel guide

    LP does it again. Concise with great maps and just enough description. 100% on the mark with all general information. Highly recommended.

  • Amber - Awesome

    Been taking these for months now and they make a big difference. Like the price here on amazon, really expensive in health food store.

  • Dale - like what happens when you use a french press

    I have to admit that I bought this because it was cheap and I prefer steep my coffee, like what happens when you use a french press. I suppose this works as expected, but water actually drains too slowly for my application and I wish the pocket was a bit deeper for use with my travel mugs. On the bright side, cleanup is easy. So far my favorite is the Kuhn Ricon Single Cup Easy Brew.

  • Thomas Kus - They work great when I'm doing some pruning around the garden

    These are well constructed, with a smooth cutting action and very sharp blades. They work great when I'm doing some pruning around the garden. I'm sure they'll be in my toolbox for years!!! I would definitely recommend this product to others. I received this item at a discounted price, in exchange for my honest review. My reviews are always my own true reflections, and I only purchase and review items that our household actually uses. I hope you found this review helpful! I read reviews written by other customers before I buy products as well, and my intent was to answer any questions you may have had! Please feel free to contact me with any concerns this review did not cover, and I hope you have a wonderful day!

  • Young Dragon - Nero Program Is Getting Worst Every Upgrade Every Version. It's All About The Money.

    I have just purchased Nero 2016 Platinum--and it sucks. I tried to install Nero on my computer with Windows 7 Ultimate, and Nero failed to install with message,"...Nero 2016 requires the following items to be installed on your computer. Click install to begin installing these requirements. Microsoft VC Redist 2012 (x86) and Reboot Validator...." Second message, "...Nero requires that your computer is running Windows XP with at least SP3, Windows Vista with at least SP1 or Windows 7..." Third message, "...The installation of system Requirement Validator has failed. Set up will now exit..." I can't get pass this to enter the codes. The software makers only think about the money they make off the software and not the quality. I sent Nero.com support a message--waiting on their respond to this problem.

  • Doug Ziegler - Will Not Cancel Ancestry Service!

    I bought Family Tree Maker in February 2012. I decided to take them up on their Ancestry.com research service free trial. I didn't find it particularly useful, so I canceled the service at the end of the trial period. I know that I canceled because I vividly remember selecting an option in "Why are you leaving us?"

  • T. Banschbach - Bend by BB Hamel - Winner!!

    BB Hamel doesn't ever disappoint. I voluntarily provide this review of a Advance Review Copy. This is a story of two Mafia families. One is Irish and the other is Italian. Jodie Walsh is the clueless daughter of the head of the Irish mob. Dante is a soldier in the Italian family. The Walsh family is completely exterminated one afternoon. The only reason Jodie wasn't killed was because she was in her room in headphones. When the Italians find her, they kidnap her. Dante was assigned to keep her secure and to 'train' her for the Italians' new venture - sex slaves. Over time, their attraction grow and Dante is planning how to he can NOT turn her over to his boss. While he is planning, they fall further into each other. This is a HOT book and I strongly urge you to one-click on this newest winner from BB Hamel. Theere is an HEA and no clliffhanger!