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  • karnny - Distorted LOUD sound

    My husband said they would be wonderful if he were in a room by himself watching tv with the sound turned down and no other noise. The dog barked once and he almost flew out of his chair. We will replace the TV Ears that he had, they are wonderful.

  • Perry Preston - These are easy to fit under neath the sink and work very ...

    I have received this product at a discounted price in return for my honest review of my experience with and the quality of the item.

  • Merch_A - Great, exhaustive, book for your written!

    In a word, this book is exhaustive. It covers each subject from every angle, so it's rather detailed. Even so, I would not give it anything less than 5 stars. The supplement is much better in the 2016. Remember, this is not a substitute for your other written training material even though you can pass the written with just this. You have to read around the subject.

  • Steven Dinh - but overall its an excellent

    I would give this another star if they start selling mouse skates for these mouses..... but overall its an excellent mouse