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Zelya Energy Consulting | Advisory services in energy and environment - Market research, studies, due diligence, strategy, finance for companies and assets of the gas and power industries - Consulting company in energy and experts of the energy sector in Europe, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium,...

  • http://www.zelya.com/energy/power-market-consulting.html Zelya | Power - Zelya Energy Consulting in the power market - Advisory services and market research in the electricity sector
  • http://www.zelya.com/energy/consulting-gas.html Zelya | Conseil specialise dans le secteur gazier - Zelya Energy, étude sde marché et expertise - Consulting and advisory related to the natural gas market - Market research & Expertise from Zelya Energy
  • http://www.zelya.com/energy/wind-market.html Zelya | Wind - Wind power advisory - Zelya Energy consultant provide market research, due diligence, expertis of wind farms and wind energy
  • http://www.zelya.com/energy/biomass-market-advisory.html Zelya | Biomass - Zelya, cabinet de conseil spécialisé dans l'énergie et les renouvelables présente ses services dans les secteurs de la biomasse et de la méthanisation
  • http://www.zelya.com/energy/solar-sector.html Zelya | Solar - Consulting company in energy and environment, with market research and expertise in the solar and photovoltaic sector
  • http://www.zelya.com/energy/hydroelectric-market.html Zelya | Hydropower market research and consulting - Zelya Energy - Zelya Energy : our consulting firm is specialized in the energy sector, including hydro power; our consultants advise you with respect to the renewal of the French hydro concession or in market research and studies, due diligences, of hydro power plants in Europe
  • http://www.zelya.com/energy-advisory/due-diligence.html Zelya | Zelya Energy Consulting - Due diligence services in the energy sector - Zelya Energy makes financial, technical, strategic, market and regulatory due diligence of energy companies and assets

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  • Diverkia - Authentic, Well-Produced, and Simply Loveable

    This is one of Lady Gaga's most well-produced albums. With producers and Grammy winning artists such as Mark Ronson, Florence Welch, Beck, BloodPop, Kevin Parker, Josh Homme, and Father John Misty involved, there is no surprise that this album is cohesive and flows so naturally. Joanne tells the story of a young New York girl whose happiness, sadness, tragic life experiences, and motivations are so relatable and carried through her music. This album is an ode to her later aunt, Joanne, whom Gaga believes would've wanted to spread messages of love, compassion, and self-care to the world if she were to be alive today. She does all that with this album and still manages to keep every song memorable, catchy, and plain gorgeous. I will for sure purchase a vinyl copy once it's available for those days when I want to relax and sing-along with my close friends. This is Gaga like we've never seen or heard her before, with no hard to understand lyrics or outfits. It's Gaga wanting to reflect her desired world in her music: easy, loving, and deep. I have been her fan since The Fame and I can tell you that it's refreshing to see an artist be capable of successfully reinventing herself and her sound. This album does not resemble her previous hits like Just Dance and Poker Face, but it does remind me of her less popular ballads. This is music that the world needs right now and will soon come to appreciate. Tracks on this album will make you smile, cry, and think deep about what our relationships with others and ourselves mean.

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    i got the slendertone ab muscle toning on time as promised. if you do not workout and do not eat healthy, this product will not work for you. sure you can feel it contracting as you have an intense workout, but really it is only psychological. you will not see a difference.

  • CharPar - If you want to know the facts on Russian hacks then this book is for you!

    The 2016 election has been interesting to say the least. Mr. Nance has written a book that allows the average person a peek into the world of cyber warfare and how Russia utilized resources in attempt to influence the presidential election, the sad thing is it has worked to some degree. A person reading this book will have the information needed for the case that Russia is responsible for the hacks of the DNC hacks and subsequent release of data through Wikileaks. This book is based on facts which are laid out in a logical manner by Mr. Nance. Only someone with Mr. Nance's background in the intelligence community could put together the big picture for all to see. I disagree with one part, that is the assumption Donald Trump is an unwitting agent for Russian Intelligence. Why? When you compare Donald Trump's campaign and targeted audience with the doctrine laid out by Russian Government adviser and political scientist Aleksandr Dugin in his treatise "Foundations of Geopolitics " you see they match up too well to be coincidence. Dugin's book deals with Russian expansion and describes how to deal with obstacles that would impede it, specifically the United States. Dugin suggests using racial tensions playing to hate groups, isolationists, along with casting doubt on the United States political system to instigate civil unrest to destabilize and weaken America, especially its influence in world affairs. Donald Trump has effectively accomplished these tasks and not by accident, he has had help from Russia with hacking and release of data not to just ruin Hillary Clinton but cast doubt on the electoral process.

  • Joshua Wolf - Excellent read!

    Well written in the standard Griffin style. A real page turner. I would recommend reading the series in order as the characters will make more sense.

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    Can't say enough about this thing! It puts out great sound and stays in my ear very well. I have small ears and I can wear this all day, it's very comfortable. The battery life on it is about 5 hours of continuous play, it charges in about 1 and a half hours, the carrying case and attachable ear bud that converts it to stereo are great additions. I'm going to order another one as a spare, don't want to be without it. I have to be inconspicuous at work with ear buds, no one has ever noticed this, and I've recommended it to several coworkers that have ended up purchasing one for themselves.