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  • Jay Gillespie - It's working

    I have had two pain issues to deal with: 1) no L5S1 disc which for years has resulted in significant lower back pain, and 2) osteoarthritis of both hips, most notably my left, last x-ray in February 2016 with the recommendation of immediate hip surgery which will only be done as a last ditch resort.

  • Nicolas S - switches and ergonomics are the best of any mouse I have used

    If you're looking for an all around mouse that has all the bells and whistles of other gaming mice then this is not for you. This mouse is meant for those that want that extra edge in games where precision, speed, and consistency is key. The sensor, switches and ergonomics are the best of any mouse I have used. Its very light which gives it the perception of being low quality but I dont believe that is the case. It reminds me of performance versions of cars. All the bells and whistles like AC, radio, comfy seats, cup holders, etc are taken out to make it bare bones but it still costs more than the regular version of the car. This mouse is probably slightly over priced but there is not a lot like it on the market at the moment.

  • Amazon Customer - Ehh, it's worth a try

    I would like to say the product is much cheaper on the sellers website. The product overall works well for energy. It got me through the day and my workouts. I lost weight, however, I workout six days a week doing cardio, swimming, and running. I felt quite bloated after I completed my 28 day detox. My stomach appeared to protrude more and did not subside until several days later. The tea is essentially comprised of items found at your local tea house minus the caffeine additive. Rooibos, Green Tea, Oolong... you could probably make your own tea bags and come out with the same results.