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XESTION DO SOLO DE GALICIA - XESTUR, S.A - Portada - Benvido a Web de Xestur Galicia. Na nosa Web poderб atopar unha ampla informaciуn sobre todas asactuaciуns tanto rematadas, coma en execuciуn ou de futuro desenvolvemento de Xestur Galicia.

Country:, Europe, ES

City: -7.8627 Ourense, Spain

  • Slimsy Crayfish - Awesome product but overpriced.

    This stuff is great for cleaning grime and grease. It works much better than other products of a similar natue (i.e. Vim, Soft Scrub, Ajax, Comet etc..) however the price on this site is higher than other sites on the web.

  • Frances I. Sanclemente - This cream is amazing!

    The arthritis in my hip had almost crippled me. I bought a cane 2 weeks ago. After 6-8 weeks of gradually losing mobility, I was desperate for some sort of relief. I've tried ibuprofen, glucosomine pills and liquid, you name it. I was to the point where getting in and out of a car where a near impossibility and climbing my stairs was almost out of the question. I was afraid walking would be a thing of the past. I mentioned something about arthritis creams and patches to a friend who went to the nearest drug store for my first jar of Australian Dream Cream. This was on a Saturday. Within 4 days, climbing the stairs was no problem, my limp was completely gone. After a week, no limp at all. Occurrence of pain down about 90%. After two weeks, the whole 8 weeks episode is just a bad memory. I still use the cream once every other day, just for safe measure. I've recommended it to several friends as well as my 83 old mother, all have the same results. This is the stuff miracles are made from!

  • Darrick - It handles like a sports car

    It handles like a sports car, but not as fast. It has a very smooth and quite ride considering it sits low to the ground on 15" tires. But, most importantly I'm averaging 70 miles per gallon. Yes, this is no typing error...70 miles per gallon. I fill my tank up once a week when my car hits a half tank. Because of the 11 gallon tank it only takes about $12 -$14 dollars per week, or less than $60 a month. I stand 5'11" tall and I have plenty of room to stretch out my legs and the back seats have just as much room. This is the perfect car for people, like me, who commute 40 -50 miles per day. The Prius Two Eco.

  • Frances - 2010 Step-by-Step Medical Coding Text and Workbook Pkg.

    I bought the Step-by-Step Medical Coding 2010 Edition - Text book and Workbook Package at the sale price of

  • Adam - Excellent product. I almost bought the competitor's model until ...

    Excellent product. I almost bought the competitor's model until one of their reviews mentioned the Bro being a better product. As someone who already at shaves, i have a ton of DE blades around to refill this thing for years; as opposed to spending $5-8 for a cartridge that has $0.30 worth of blades in it. The shaver is easy to use and the blades are well guarded.