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Hospice & Palliative Care | VITAS Healthcare - VITAS Healthcare can help patients and their families seeking hospice and palliative care with perseverance and dignity in the face of terminal illness.

  • http://www.vitas.com/contact-us/online-patient-referral Online Patient Referral | VITAS Hospice - Do you need to refer a patient to VITAS Hospice? Please use this form to send your contact information and a VITAS representative will follow up shortly.
  • http://www.vitas.com/hospice-care-services What is Hospice & Hospice Care Services | VITAS Healthcare - VITAS Healthcare has been a hospice pioneer and leader since 1978. We provide customized care for people with life-limiting illnesses. Learn more at VITAS.com.
  • http://www.vitas.com/about-us/locations Hospice Locations | VITAS Hospice - VITAS has provides hospice care services across 18 states and the District of Columbia. Call us at 866-521-9196 to learn more about our locations or services.
  • http://www.vitas.com/resources Hospice and Palliative Care Resources | VITAS Healthcare - VITAS provides information and resources to help patients and families get the hospice answers they need. For more information, call us at 866-521-9196.
  • http://www.vitas.com/careers Careers in Hospice | VITAS Hospice - A career at VITAS Hospice offers a variety of full-time, part-time and per-diem employment opportunities. You can choose to work day or night shifts, weekdays or weekends.
  • http://www.vitas.com/resources/volunteers/volunteering-the-best-medicine-for-grief Volunteering: The Best Medicine for Grief | VITAS Healthcare - Studies have shown that volunteering your time can improve mental well-being and overall happiness. VITAS Healthcare has volunteer opportunities available.
  • http://www.vitas.com/resources/hospice-care/who-pays-for-hospice Who Pays for Hospice? | VITAS Healthcare - Who Pays for Hospice? 99.2% of hospice patients don't pay any out-of-pocket expenses. Most people receiving hospice care use the Medicare Hospice Benefit.
  • http://www.vitas.com/hospice-care-services/bring-hospice-home Hospice Home Care | VITAS Healthcare - Hospice is not a place - it's a philosophy of care focused on quality of life during the last months of life. VITAS can help in the comfort of the patient's own home.
  • http://www.vitas.com/about-us/fast-facts Fast Facts | VITAS Hospice - VITAS Healthcare has logged some impressive statistics in its history. You might be interested to know these fast facts.
  • http://www.vitas.com/resources/end-of-life-care/advance-directives-what-you-need-to-know Advance Directives: What You Need to Know - An advance directive is a document that gives information to healthcare providers about the care you want if you are seriously ill and unable to speak for yourself.
  • http://www.vitas.com/about-us/hospice-volunteers Hospice Volunteers | VITAS Hospice - Hospice volunteers complement the care provided by clinicians on the hospice care team by being compassionate companions to patients and families or by helping facilitate patient care. Their activities range from visiting patients to crafting items for patients and families to working in the office.
  • http://www.vitas.com/resources/vitas-stories Hospice & Palliative Care Stories | VITAS Hospice - VITAS Healthcare┬« provides end-of-life care for adult and pediatric patients with life-limiting illnesses. We work with patients and families to provide comfort and preserve dignity in the face of terminal illness.
  • http://www.vitas.com/hospice-care-services/conditions Hospice Care by Diagnosis | VITAS Healthcare - At VITAS Healthcare, we tailor our clinical care and our support services to meet the unique symptoms and social and emotional needs that can accompany each specific diagnosis.
  • http://www.vitas.com/resources/hospice-care/what-is-hospice What is Hospice? | VITAS Healthcare - Hospice is a type of care focused on comfort and quality of life, intended to give seriously ill patients meaningful time with their loved ones. Learn more at VITAS.com.
  • http://www.vitas.com/hospice-care-services/palliative-care Palliative Care Specialists | VITAS Healthcare - VITAS Healthcare provides palliative care for patients with serious illnesses. We work with your doctor to tailor a palliative care program that suits your needs.
  • http://www.vitas.com/hospice-care-services/about-hospice/hospice-questions-answered#hospice-careteam What Does Hospice Do? Your Questions Answered | VITAS Healthcare - Making a choice about hospice for a loved one can be a difficult, emotional decision. Learn more about hospice and how VITAS helps patients & families.
  • http://www.vitas.com/hospice-care-services/music-therapy Music Therapy | VITAS Healthcare - Hospice patients of diverse ages, backgrounds and abilities can gain therapeutic benefits through music therapy.
  • http://www.vitas.com/hospice-care-services/paw-pals-pet-therapy Paw Pals Pet Visits | VITAS Healthcare - VITAS trains and certifies friendly, well-behaved pets to be Paw Pals┬«. Hospice pet volunteers visit patients in nursing homes, assisted living communities and private homes.
  • http://www.vitas.com/hospice-care-services/bereavement-and-grief-resources VITAS Offers Support After a Death | VITAS Healthcare - VITAS offers grief and bereavement support to families, friends and staff while a patient is under our care and for up to 13 months following a death.
  • http://www.vitas.com/about-us/locations/inpatient-hospice-unit-location-listings Inpatient Hospice Unit Locations by State | VITAS Hospice - VITAS has locations across 18 states and in D.C. Find the VITAS location in your state or area, and learn more about how we help local patients & families.
  • http://www.vitas.com/hospice-care-services/telecare Telecare Service | VITAS Healthcare - VITAS Telecare is on the job when the VITAS office is closed or your hospice team is off duty. With VITAS Telecare, you're never alone.
  • http://www.vitas.com/contact-us/share-your-experience Share Feedback on Your VITAS Hospice Experience | VITAS Healthcare - Thank you for allowing VITAS to care for your loved one; we learn from every patient we visit. Please take a moment to give us feedback on your experience.
  • http://www.vitas.com/community-connection Donate to Hospice Patients in Need | VITAS Community Connection - VITAS developed the VITAS Community Connection to help VITAS families honor their loved ones in a very local way. Every dollar of every donation supports local charitable organizations, needy VITAS patients or their families in your community.
  • http://www.vitas.com/about-us Learn About VITAS | VITAS Hospice - VITAS team members include registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, home health aides, physicians, social workers, and chaplains.

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