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LASIK Raleigh - Laser Eye Surgery Durham / Cary, NC - Dr. Dornic - Dr. Dornic is a leading Durham / Raleigh LASIK eye surgery specialist who utilizes iLASIK blade-free technology. Proven safer. Highest rate of 20/20.

  • http://www.visionauthorities.com/procedures/ifs.php LASIK with iFS Laser in Raleigh - Laser Eye Center of Carolina - Visit this page to learn about our leading-edge iFS IntraLase laser for a blade-free LASIK eye surgery in Raleigh.
  • http://www.visionauthorities.com/procedures/lasik_tech.php LASIK Eye Surgery with Dr. Dean Dornic - As a leading Raleigh / Durham LASIK surgeon, Dr. Dornic customizes all procedures to provide patients with the best possible vision correction results.
  • http://www.visionauthorities.com/procedures/prelex_restor.php LASIK Durham - Cataract Surgery Raleigh - Dr. Dorni - Dr. Dornic is a foremost Durham / Raleigh LASIK surgeon who also performs LASEK, PRK and cataract surgery in Durham / Raleigh.
  • http://www.visionauthorities.com/procedures/lasek_prk.php LASEK Raleigh - PRK Durham - Dr. Dean Dornic - In addition to performing LASIK in Cary, Dr. Dornic is regarded as a top Raleigh / Durham LASEK and PRK surgeon.
  • http://www.visionauthorities.com/myVisit/consultation.php LASIK Consultation at Laser Eye Center of Carolina - Dr. Dornic encourages individuals considering LASIK eye surgery in Raleigh / Durham to come to his office for a thorough LASIK evaluation.
  • http://www.visionauthorities.com/form.php Contact Us | Laser Eye Center of Carolina - Peruse this page to contact Dr. Dean Dornic, a foremost Durham / Raleigh LASIK and cataracts surgeon, and to schedule a personal appointment.
  • http://www.visionauthorities.com/myVisit/specials.php Eye Care Specials - Laser Eye Center of Carolina - Visit this page to view a list of specials offered by Dr. Dean Dornic, including iLASIK discounts and military discounts.
  • http://www.visionauthorities.com/commitment.php Dr. Dean Dornic | Laser Eye Center of Carolina Community Service - Learn about Dr. Dean Dornic’s commitment to community service and charitable contributions.
  • http://www.visionauthorities.com/procedures/near_vision.php Near Vision CK - Durham / Raleigh - Presbyopia Treatment - Dr. Dornic offers near vision CK in Durham / Raleigh for presbyopic patients who desire to achieve clear vision without glasses.
  • http://www.visionauthorities.com/procedures/monovision.php Monovision - Durham / Raleigh - Presbyopia Laser Eye Surgery - Dr. Dornic is a foremost Durham / Raleigh monovision surgeon who uses this procedure to help patients achieve clear vision both at distance and near.
  • http://www.visionauthorities.com/yourVision/ Understanding Your Vision | Laser Eye Center of Carolina - Dr. Dornic provides his Raleigh / Durham laser eye surgery patients with extensive information about various refractive errors and their treatments.
  • http://www.visionauthorities.com/yourVision/works.php How Your Eyes Work | Laser Eye Center of Carolina - Dr. Durham offers his cataracts and LASIK Raleigh / Durham patients a wealth of information; learn more about the anatomy of the eye.
  • http://www.visionauthorities.com/yourVision/disorders.php Vision Disorders in Raleigh & Durham, NC - As a leading Raleigh / Durham cataracts and LASIK surgeon, Dr. Dornic strives to thoroughly educate his patients; learn about common vision disorders.
  • http://www.visionauthorities.com/myVisit/ Your Visit to Laser Eye Center of Carolina - Dr. Dornic invites potential Durham and Raleigh LASIK patients to learn about LASIK consultations and evaluations, and how to best prepare for them.

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  • Dusten Williams - Spigen Fans: Don't expect to be impressed.

    I'm really surprised to see the good reviews on this product. As a 4 time owner of Spigen cases, i've come to expect *much* higher quality than this. Although, if you are looking for a cheap phone case that tries to do everything, I suppose you could do worse....

  • Micheil O'Ceallaigh - A Hit with My Wife

    I gave this cookware set to my wife for her birthday and she loves it! She told me this is the best set of cookware she's ever owned.

  • Nikki Brooks - The Asia Project rears its ugly head again!!!

    Missy Carter may be the boss' daughter but she is more than capable! Roi is just off the charts alphaness at its best! Witty banter is foreplay for these two and when they finally get together its OMG hotness!!! The I-ops team and PSI team are generally compertmentalised but now the genie is out of the bottle, can they work together?

  • joseph talty - Rip Off

    Paid 800 dollars to have Xzilon applied to my new camaro. It does give the car a waxed appearance, but it definitely does not live up to the company's protection guarantees. Some tree sap fell on the care, and it quickly ate right through the paint. Tree sap is specifically covered under their warranty. I put a claim in, with photos included. The claim was denied without explanation, and no one from the company would respond back to any of my inquiries as to the reason why. It is basically paying 800 dollars for some off the shelf turtle wax. Avoid at all cost!

  • R. Marsden - Great for dry mouth & dissolving plaque.

    Been using the Biotene PBF for 30days and I love it. I recently had a less than favorable dental check up and decided to get serious about taking better care of my teeth again. I suffer from dry mouth and that condition has really improved. I will continue to use it once a day. I try not to drink anything for about 30 minutes after using. I will be interested in seeing how I do at my next cleaning. PS. I plan on using the toothpaste and gum as well. That and the new flossing product I found should do the trick, NO deep cleaning treatment for me!

  • Anongw65 - I love this board

    I love this board! Although not an extreme overclocker, I like having the option at hand. My only issue that I've had with the board is with it's BIOS. Fortunately, the board has a backup BIOS, and I've been booting off of that without issue. I've tried the "flashback" utility and copying over my BIOS 2 setting over to BIOS 1, but all to no avail. That being said, as I'm happy with my system and it's performance, the issue that I have with BIOS 1 is not enough for me to tear the whole computer apart to RMA the board. For that fact, my actual rating should be 4.5, but I can't put in a half star.

  • Stephen N. Shields - It's a SCAM.

    It's widely advertised as $19.95 but - we discovered - in the fine print they charge you over $300. Getting the return authorization took about 15 minutes, 2 representatives, and a hold. Don't purchase!!!