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Virbac Colombia - Shaping the future of animal health - Virbac Group es el primer laboratorio farmacéutico enfocado exclusivamente a cuidar la salud de los animales, ofreciendo productos de alta calidad y eficaces.

  • https://www.virbac.co/Grupo-Virbac Virbac Colombia - Virbac Group - Virbac Colombia Ltda, es un laboratorio Veterinario Multinacional de origen Francés creado por Pierre - Richard Dick en 1968. En Colombia, Virbac lleva 12 años al servicio de la Salud Animal.
  • https://www.virbac.co/Virbac-en-el-mundo Virbac Colombia - Virbac en el Mundo - Virbac esta presente en mas de 100 paises y cuenta con 39 filiales en todo el mundo. Encuéntranos donde quiera que vayas.
  • https://www.virbac.co/Carrera Virbac Colombia - Atraer los mejores talentos - Talento Humano Virbac Colombia. Filosofía de contratación de personal y clima organizacional
  • https://www.virbac.co/home/trabaja-con-nosotros/nuestra-propuesta.html Virbac Colombia - Nuestra propuesta - Informacion de proyeccion laboral y carrera al interior de Virbac Colombia Ltda y Virbac Group
  • https://www.virbac.co/home/noticias/noticias/virbagen-omega.html VIRBAGEN OMEGA - Virbagen Omega es el único interferón desarrollado específicamente para el tratamiento de enfermedades infecciosas en perros y gatos.
  • https://www.virbac.co/Nueva-vacuna-contra-clostridiosis vacuna contra clostridiosis y tétano - Vacuna para la prevención de las clostridiosis y tétano, en ovinos, bovinos y caprinos. La vacuna de protección, rápida y prolongada.

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  • Amazon Customer - They seemed like they would be comfortable if only they were the ...

    I returned them because they were too big. Size options were a little confusing. I ordered what I believed was a women's 7 but it ended up being too big anyway. They seemed like they would be comfortable if only they were the right size.

  • Connor S. - Very temperamental... a bit of a frustration

    This product seems to be more line-of-sight than it is Bluetooth. My bedroom is 10' x 10' and charging my phone on one side (or simply holding my hand between the phone and the receiver) will cause immediate distortion of sound. Additionally, the battery life seems to be erratic -- sometimes 3-4 hours, other times as short as 30 minutes. Not sure if this is a lemon unit, or if I just got what I paid for...

  • Marie Valente - I don't get the bad reviews ...

    Seriously, people. I don't understand all those bad reviews. I just bought a 5# bag for my ex. My ex LOVES gummy bears.