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Richmond, VA Acute Care | Vibra Hospital of Richmond - Vibra is Richmond’s leading Acute Medical Rehabilitation Hospital. Visit us to learn more about long-term acute care and rehabilitation.

  • http://www.vhrichmond.com/patient_guide.aspx Patient Admissions Information | Vibra Hospital of Richmond - Although many patients come from other hospitals, Vibra does provide direct admissions. Contact us today to learn more about patient admissions.
  • http://www.vhrichmond.com/patient_guide/virtual_tour.aspx Virtual Tour | Patient Information | Vibra Hospital of Richmond - Our extended care facility in Richmond treats patients as if they are family, creating a nurturing environment for healing and rehabilitation.
  • http://www.vhrichmond.com/patient_guide/local_hotels.aspx Richmond, VA Hotels | Visitors | Vibra Hospital of Richmond - Vibra wants your stay to be as comfortable as possible. Please contact us for area information or help finding a hotel to stay in.
  • http://www.vhrichmond.com/patient_guide/restaurants.aspx Richmond Restaurants | Visitors | Vibra Hospital of Richmond - Vibra wants to make your stay as simple and convenient as possible. View our guide to local restaurants and contact us if you have any questions.
  • http://www.vhrichmond.com/patient_guide/mission_statement.aspx Mission Statement | Vision | Goals | Vibra Hospital of Richmond - Innovative solutions and patient-focused programs help Vibra develop a national network of hospitals to enrich the lives of patients, caregivers, and families.
  • http://www.vhrichmond.com/patient_guide/privacy_practices.aspx Privacy Practices | Vibra Hospital of Richmond - This notice describes how medical information about you may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information.
  • http://www.vhrichmond.com/long-term_acute_care.aspx Long-Term Acute Care in Virginia | Vibra Hospital of Richmond - Long-term acute care (LTAC) is the type of care provided in Vibra Hospitals. Vibra has a nationwide network of transitional care hospitals.
  • http://www.vhrichmond.com/long-term_acute_care/what_is_a_specialty_acute_care_hospital.aspx Specialty Acute Care Hospital in Richmond | Vibra Hospital of Richmond - Typical patients have multiple co-morbidities, multi organ system failure, and significant loss of independence, most following a traditional hospital stay.
  • http://www.vhrichmond.com/long-term_acute_care/patient_services.aspx Patient Services | Daily Care | Vibra Hospital of Richmond - Patients at Vibra Hospital of Richmond receive daily care from a multi-disciplinary team of skilled specialists.
  • http://www.vhrichmond.com/services.aspx Healthcare Services | Rehabilitation | Vibra Hospital of Richmond - Vibra Hospital provides advanced, specialized care to patients who need extended hospital stays. Our patients are medically complex and often need an array of medical services.
  • http://www.vhrichmond.com/services/complex_wound_care.aspx Complex Wound Care | Infections | Vibra Hospital of Richmond - Our comprehensive inpatient Wound Care Program focuses on restoring skin integrity and preventing skin care complications.
  • http://www.vhrichmond.com/services/dialysis.aspx Dialysis | Vibra Hospital of Richmond - When kidney failure occurs, dialysis is essential to filter impurities from your blood and maintain the chemical balance you need to stay alive.
  • http://www.vhrichmond.com/services/icuspecial_care_units.aspx ICU/Special Care Units | Vibra Hospital of Richmond - Our patients are medically complex, and to provide the most cost-effective care for them our hospitals feature intensive care units or special care units where they can receive the focused, specialized care they need.
  • http://www.vhrichmond.com/services/iv_antibioitic_therapy.aspx IV Antibioitic Therapy | Vibra Hospital of Richmond - Our interdisciplinary team provides IV antibiotic therapy for medically complex patients who require a consistent dosage of antibiotics to fight infection. We offer care for patients who are seriously ill with multiple medical problems, including those currently on IV medications in an acute care setting with daily physician intervention.
  • http://www.vhrichmond.com/services/rehabilitation_services.aspx Rehabilitation | Physical Therapy | Vibra Hospital of Richmond - RehabCare has partnered with Vibra to offer the best possible rehabilitation treatment options. Our customized, interdisciplinary approach is unmatched.
  • http://www.vhrichmond.com/services/pain_management.aspx Pain Management & Relief | Vibra Hospital of Richmond - Let Vibra help manage your chronic pain with a combination of therapy, relaxation exercises, and medication.
  • http://www.vhrichmond.com/services/other_services.aspx Additional Healthcare Services | Vibra Hospital of Richmond - Physicians; Nursing; Surgery; Respiratory Therapy; Laboratory; Pharmacy; Nutrition; Physical, Occupational, & Speech Therapy; Case Management; Chaplain Services.
  • http://www.vhrichmond.com/newsrooms.aspx Newsroom | Events & Community | Vibra Hospital of Richmond - Read updates on what is happening at Vibra and in the Richmond, Virginia area. Check back as we add more news and events to the calendar.
  • http://www.vhrichmond.com/careers.aspx Healthcare Career Opportunities | Vibra Hospital of Richmond - Vibra is Hiring! A leading healthcare employer in the Richmond, VA area and nationwide, Vibra is always looking for talented individuals to join our teams.
  • http://www.vhrichmond.com/careers/why_work_for_us.aspx Work for Vibra | Now Hiring | Vibra Hospital of Richmond - Now is your chance to join a growing hospital system with national transfer opportunities, a friendly atmosphere, and excellent benefits.
  • http://www.vhrichmond.com/careers/benefits.aspx Employee Benefits | Health Jobs | Vibra Hospital of Richmond - Vibra Hospital of Richmond employees enjoy comprehensive, competitive benefits. Now hiring – apply online today!
  • http://www.vhrichmond.com/careers/faq.aspx Recruitment FAQs | Health Jobs | Vibra Hospital of Richmond - Answers to questions about the hiring process at Vibra. How to search for jobs, apply online, create an account, talk with a recruiter, see benefits.
  • http://www.vhrichmond.com/careers/eeo_statement.aspx EEO Statement | Vibra Hospital of Richmond - Vibra Specialty Hospital of Richmond offers Equal Employment Opportunities to all persons without regard to race, religion, age, sex, color, national origin, citizenship, marital status, veteran, sexual orientation, or disability or any other legally protected status.

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