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  • Norman - Nice twist

    I have the original flow free and love it. This is a nice new twist on the original. Now instead of straight lines you have angles to deal with.

  • paw0712 - Love this product

    Love this product! It made a huge difference in my energy and ability to sustain my activity at a very high level. I'm a cyclist and found Glukos to be a great way to hydrate during my long rides. The canisters are 32 servings so its a great value as well.

  • M. Shanafelt - Another Bad Quicken Version

    Quicken is the only product that I can anticipate a worse product every time I'm forced to update. 2011 follows the pattern nicely. After being forced to update from Quicken 2008 in order to continue receiving downloaded credit card transactions, I began the process of migrating my 15+ years of financial data into the new version. For some reason, my credit card balance was about $2,400 off after the import. I had to go back and make adjustment entries in several accounts to make sure they were current. I also don't like that they changed the home screen - in Quicken 2008 I had several graphs in small rectangles on the main screen. When I did the migration, it set all of the graphs to be the full width of the screen and one on top of another, so now I have to scroll down to see all of them. I haven't seen any new features of Quicken 2011 that I'd actually find useful. I wish Intuit would just let us pay a yearly fee of $15 or so and let us keep the ability to download transactions without these needless upgrades every 3 years.

  • Hulya - easiest fold ever light weigth

    I have a lot to say about this product but I will try to express in short. The easiest folds ever you may find. It fold so easy you just would not believe!

  • Saskswan - Best Soy/Dairy free cheese out there.

    With two soy/dairy allergic children we were so excited when we discovered Daiya. They love it no matter how we use it. Imagine being a kid and not being able to enjoy cheese.. I would say the only thing they could improve on is the smell... it's quite strong. But as long as the kids like it - we'll continue being huge Daiya fans!

  • Citizen John - Fight the real enemy

    On the surface, Capt. Trimmer's book would appear to the casual reader to simply be a treatise on maritime safety, and thus, beyond reproach. For those of you waiting for the movie, NO SPOILERS here, but on closer examination, I can't help but think this is simply another attempt of the Anti-Huge Ship movement to promote their extremist agenda.

  • L. Jones - Works and Great Price

    I mostly use Norton but at retail stores and even at nortons site this software is a bit pricey. Got it (download) right now and at a great price too. Worried that you will not have a "recovery disc? After installing it you can go to nortons site and download a recovery tool to make a "boot disc". This can be used should you get a very nasty virus that you can't clean while running windows. I always make a copy on a DVD of the install program too. Thanks AMAZON : )