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  • Douglas J Jarus - This is what a Les Paul is supposed to be

    I have the Iced Tea burst finish which, to me, looks very similar as to what is pictured here. I bought my Les Paul in 2009 and the Traditional was one of the only models at that time that was not chambered (i.e. the body is a solid block of wood). The 57 pickups are amazing and when combined with the nice solid body give you a great warm tone. The only modification that I have made to my Les Paul is to have a bone nut installed and the tuners changed. The bone nut helps keep the strings from binding and add to the tone a little. The tuners probably could have stayed after I changed the nut, but they make some very good "aged" locking tuners (I used Grover) to give the guitar a nice vintage look. I can not emphasize enough how important the PLEK system is to giving you an absolutely perfect fret dress and straight neck. I have all of my gigging guitars plecked by Joe Glaser in Nashville, and afterwards you can drop the action down to about nothing. It makes the guitar very, very playable without any buzzing at all. I know that most guitarists feel that the days of getting a decent instrument out of a major manufacturer are long past, but I have to say that I would not trade my Les Paul Traditional for a "vintage" model unless it was to sell it and then use the money to buy another Traditional and a private jet to get to the gigs faster.

  • Sheski - Wonderfully done

    With such a gap between books in this series she did an excellent job of keeping the story in line. A person could flawlessly pick up the whole series from the beginning and not feel a shift or notice inconsistencies. I hope we see more from this series.

  • Tad Freezeland - that the code was a bad converter. Also a price of $1200

    Was told after the check engine light on our 2005 Mazda minivan came on, that the code was a bad converter. Also a price of $1200.00 was quoted for replacement. Ordered the cataclean and used as directed, except I drove it over the 15 miles. I waited until the tank was nearly empty before filling. A few miles after adding the cataclean, the engine light went off. The sulfur stink is gone. The car used to run 60mph at 2000rpm. Now it holds 60mph at 1800rpms so I know the engine is running a lot better. I have no codes showing now when tested. I recommend this product for anyone.

  • sandman90 - bogus bonus, and expensive

    I called in to order the nuwave pic. They said it was 4 payments of 33.33 and one would be free for a total of $99.99 plus shipping. The shipping is #29.95 for a total of $129.94. In the promotion it said you can get a second one free and just pay S@H $29.95. Total so far for two: 159.80. The next part of the promotion was the free package of with two pans, fondue set, stainless steel pan, and fryer. Promoted as free and you pay S@H of %69.95. Total for one nuwave pic costing $99.99 with free bonuses, would be with you paying S@H would be $229.75.

  • Texi - Limited Effectiveness, Poor Quality Control

    I bought this to treat my underarms and bikini area because I'm tired of the constant battle with razor burn and ingrown hairs. I'm a prime candidate with very fair skin and dark hair. So far, I've completed 4 treatments over a span of 5 weeks (I got a little impatient towards the end and did not wait the full 2 weeks between.) I did all treatments on the highest setting, 5. It has now been 3 weeks since the last treatment, and here is my experience:

  • Evan Hershey - Really Putrid Stinky Stuff

    I had forgotten I even ordered this stuff, so when I got it in the mail, I wasn't sure what it was. However, I could actually smell this stuff THROUGH the packaging, so I soon remembered.

  • S. McRea - Great Product!

    Great Product!... I just bought my second one. First one is charging my RV deep cycle batteries (pair) and the new one is charging the two batteries on my diesel truck when its not in use.