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Tri-Service Workflow Team - The TSWF team, with extensive knowledge of clinical settings, is committed to bringing efficient workflow to MTFs around the world.

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  • mom of 3 boys - we will see

    I just started taking it, so I don't have much to say about how well it is working. It did arrive on time, undamaged. The pills are rather large, however easy to swallow. There is a bit of an aftertaste, but goes away quickly. I am anxious to see if I start feeling better soon. Will keep posting.

  • Gayle C. - Love it!

    I received the product in a timely fashion and it meets all of my expectations as to quality. Love it!

  • Trip S. - First planer I have used for wood working projects, ...

    First planer I have used for wood working projects, Mostly pallet boards. but it delivers when I need to send about 100 boards threw fast!

  • Cara O'Brien - My #1 Shampoo

    I'm a 27 y/o caucasian female and have been coloring my hair for about 10 years (early greying in the family). I also have had a "fuzz ball" of hair for 25 years. I always thought it was the humidity (grew up in the midwest) but once I moved to Colorado I learned it was just my hair.

  • jasonc - Do not purchase!!!! Scosche knows it wont work correctly

    Item will not work correctly until Scosche provides update which according to tech support the update has no ETA. Would not advise to purchase this kit. Radio is constant on and will drain battery. I have been selling products for over 20yrs and Scosche has always been reliable believe me, but other issues are, blower motors will not work at first and defroster setting turns on when vehicle starts. One has to completely reset harness which isn't a fun task in this vehicle. Get the Metra Kit This one is not ready for the public and should not be sold Sending back for refund. The kit and harness are a great option but due to all the problems and no real timeframe this is just not feasible for anyone that doesn't remember to turn off radio every time and will mess with backup camera as well. Just needs to be corrected by Scosche as this is the second generation kit too