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Young Adult Drug Rehab | Turnbridge | CT - Turnbridge (formerly Turning Point) provides life-saving addiction treatment programs for young men and young women.

  • http://www.tpaddictiontreatment.com/mens Drug Rehab & Addiction Treatment in CT | Turnbridge - Turnbridge is a Drug Rehab program designed specifically for Young Adults who have been derailed by addiction and dual diagnoses.
  • http://www.tpaddictiontreatment.com/womens Drug Rehab For Women in CT | Turnbridge - Turnbridge for Women is a leading addiction treatment program for young women who are suffering from addiction and co-occurring mental health issues.
  • http://www.tpaddictiontreatment.com/privacy-policy Privacy Policy | Turning Point - Turing Point (“We or Us”) is a specialized drug treatment program for young men. This Privacy Policy is a statement describing our practices involving

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  • Zheng HAN - This cream feels super greasy and even not comfortable for my own hand

    I wish there is zero-star if possible, have no idea why those people gave 5-star... This cream feels super greasy and even not comfortable for my own hand, how can the baby like it at all? Useless for easing the diaper rash, Trashed it after 2 times use, don't waste your money!!

  • J Nelson - Not as user friendly as 2010

    I find Excel to be akward and cumbersom to open. You can no longer open a file by clicking on it. It now takes 3 or 4 steps just to open an existing file. No good purpose is servered by doing so. Word is reasonably similar to the 2010 version. To me this is like going from XP to Vista. Relatively usless. Stick with 2010 until something better comes along.

  • Gabby - Painful and broke

    I'm not going to pretend I understand what the "real" tinkle is verses the "knock-off".

  • T. J. Stewart - Works!

    After getting estimates upwards of $700 to have our roof professionally cleaned (but risk my extensive gardens) I decided to try this product. I originally (accidentally) ordered the house and deck cleaner, and amazon quickly exchanged it without even charging me.