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  • Daniel H. McKinley - Bicycle Helmet Cam

    While this video camera is a generation old from Tachyon the quality of the video is exactly as needed to record a bicycle ride. The size and mounting options are excellent and while you can notice the weight on your helmet it is not cumbersome. However, the downside is the battery life. I have been unable to find Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries locally and financially I cannot justify spending $10 a day for disposable batteries. I attempted to buy and use rechargeable AAA batteries but the longest amount of time I can record is 20 minutes. Unfortunately most of my bike rides are at least an hour in length and many rides stretch beyond 2 hours. It was my hope to document my rides in the event I experienced another accident but the battery life issue has turned this camera into a paperweight on the desk.

  • Alfredo M - Super soft and absorbent Microfiber and Sports Towel

    This compact microfiber yoga towel by Sport2People is definitely a great addition to my workout towels. This microfiber towel is so soft and absorbent I'm always concerned about what I use on my face specially during a workout I don't want a towel that feels rough on my face and would probably give me a rash on my face and this towel is so awesome it feels great on my face and takes care of the sweat. The bag it came in is so cute I take it with me to the gym and it is so practical. It is so easy to wash and doesn't absorb odors. I also take it with me swimming it gives me a quick dry I really like that.

  • FaithHopeLove - My 4 year old likes it!

    My son likes the story! He thinks his daddy is a superhero too! It had a lot of similarities of how his Daddy plays with him. Reinforces some good moral behavior such as telling the truth, cleaning your room, eating your vegetables, etc.

  • Andrew White - The board is too rough because of the glow in ...

    The board is too rough because of the glow in the dark coating; the thing doesn't move across it. It's also bent. Buy the original if you want a Ouija board.