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  • Charlotte Mills - QuickBooks Pro 2013

    I am a new user to QuickBooks and just started using QuickBooks Pro 2013. It is easy to use and navigate.

  • Billybob - A very rugged machine

    I have been using for more than a year with no problems. Very strong piece of equipment. Easy to assemble. A lot heavier than my old elliptical trainier. I expect it to last a lot longer

  • Michael J. Dowling - A little embarassed to have bought this book

    A little embarrassed to have bought this book honestly. I gave it two stars because he does give some much needed advice to men. Take care of yourself, be the best you, you can be. Do things to make you feel confident, have an action plan to move on in the event your wife/girlfriend cheats or still treats you like garbage. That all is great advice and very important. Fact is most marriages end in divorce, and women are cheating more then men today and it's only increasing. You would be a fool to marry without at least entertaining the idea of how to protect yourself in the event your wife cheats and you divorce. It's also amazing what losing 50 lbs and bettering yourself can do to a woman, especially an aging woman. She will start to feel that insecurity and it does draw her closer. But this isn't ground-breaking, mostly common sense. If you look much better than you did, earn more money, gain a more advanced degree you become more attractive to your wife and other women... of course you do, everyone already knows that.

  • Kenneth W Reaves - This product needs to be pulled from stores

    All prep was done per instructions. Looked great for a few months, fast forward 9 months and it is a flaking pile of crap. The worst part is not the wasted cost of materials (got a full refund from rustoleum) but the time spent prepping and painting and then scraping it all up to do it again. I am surprised there isn't a class action on this stuff. The day we went to complain at Home Depot about it there was already a person at the counter with the same complaint. The guy at Home Depot said they had gotten a lot of complaints on this product.