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  • Robert D. Taylor - How to find Product Key

    I just purchased the download version of this Norton product and everything went well. Yes, this is a 15-day free trial download, but you are purchasing an activation code (Product Key) as well, and you'll need to enter that Product Key to activate the year-long subscription.

  • Amazon Customer - BEWARE!

    I had such high hopes for this product! I ended up in my dermatologist office. It turned out that I got eczema and cyst on my face. Now I'm on antibiotics and some prescription cream. This was only a week after I started using it.

  • Jason Serigano - Save you money...DO NOT BUY THIS

    Save your money. This does not work. When mixed according to instructions green water comes out and does not do much other than stain your hands. No grass grew in the area I treated. Went to my local garden center when I was advised to throw down seed and put a light covering of peat moss over it. This worked like a charm and you can purchase a much larger amount of regular seed and peat moss for the same price as this awful product. Someone should start a class action lawsuit. I think we all deserve our money back.

  • Jenz - ... Virtual Reality box 3D Glasses Headset by floon is pretty cool! This VR headset is well made and ...

    The Virtual Reality box 3D Glasses Headset by floon is pretty cool! This VR headset is well made and really nice quality. The VR box supports all Android, IOS, and Windows smart phones. I have a Samsung note 5 and it works great with it. I like the slide out phone holder. It also has an adjustable spring loaded bar that holds different size cell phones securely. There is thick foam that is around the part that sits against your face. It makes for a comfortable fit and you can use it for hours. The straps that hold in on your head are stretchy and adjustable. The back part that sits against the back of your head has thin padding.

  • HA in Seattle - It's true. It's all true.

    I thought the other reviewers were just being funny, like this was the Three Wolf Moon Shirt of the candy world or something. No, they're being quite serious. I ate, I don't know, 7 of them? Maybe 9 or 10? Not a lot, certainly not a handful or anything like that. I'm going on 24 hours later and I'm still in my pajamas and working from home... I'll leave the rest of the details out. Fabulous as a laxative or a gag gift, i suppose, and they're very tasty. Otherwise... no.

  • Cpaul - Best hour of drama on network TV!

    First it was ER, then Grey's Anatomy. I have been addicted to Hospital based drama for over 20 years. It is the One hour a week I am stuck to the TV.