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  • http://www.techprofiles.org/index.php/about-us Science Database | About Techprofiles.Org - Techprofiles.org contains Institute Profiles Forms (IPF) and Technology Profiles Forms (TPF) of some technical universities and scientific institutes in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.
  • http://www.techprofiles.org/index.php/other-news Science Database | Other news - Other News Below are selected scientific achievements from the public press all over the world:
  • http://www.techprofiles.org/index.php/feedback Science Database | Technical Questions and Techprofiles Feedback - A searchable database of various techonology areas for potential Commercial, Academic & Public partnerships and collaborations with Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Uzbekistan scientists.
  • http://www.techprofiles.org/index.php/faq Science Database | Frequently Asked Questions - Below are some FAQs.   If you do not find the answers to your questions please submit your own question.
  • http://www.techprofiles.org/index.php/publications Science Database | Publications - Sample Agreements For Protecting the Intellectual Property Of Scientific Organizations (Ukrainian Version) These agreements, translated into Ukrainian provide models of how Intellectual Property
  • http://www.techprofiles.org/index.php/physics/1009-excimer-laser-for-field-applications-and-science-lab-uses Science Database | Excimer Laser for Field Applications and Science Lab Uses - This mini-Excimer laser, with an SRS-converter is able to generate simultaneously on multiple lines in a wide range of the excimer lasers radiation spectrum.
  • http://www.techprofiles.org/index.php/material-sciences/990-technology-of-surface-treatment-of-metal-products Science Database | Technology of surface treatment of metal products - Technology of mechanical-pulse treatment of metal products allows to strengthen the product surface and to increase 5–fold the life time of machine elements
  • http://www.techprofiles.org/index.php/biotechnologies/981-investigating-the-mechanisms-ofnuptake-of-cs137-and-k-by-plants-under-natural-conditions Science Database | Investigating mechanisms of uptake of Cs137 at Chernobyl - The prediction of Cs137 concentrations in tissues of different plants growing in contaminated land with a specific type of soil is relevant to any country. This problem is not solved today.
  • http://www.techprofiles.org/index.php/biotechnologies/881-high-resolution-piezoelectric-translation-for-optical-and-life-science-applications Science Database | High-resolution piezoelectric translation for optical and life science applications - The objective of this project was to improve the advanced high-resolution piezoelectric translation stages of a micromanipulator for pilot production.☞ Petrenko Sergiy Fedorovych✉ [email protected]
  • http://www.techprofiles.org/index.php/aerospace Science Database | Aerospace and Aeronautics - Technologies in areas: Aeronautics, Astronomy, Extraterrestrial Exploration, Manned Space Station, Space Safety, Spacecraft Trajectories and Mechanics, Unmanned Spacecraft, Space Launch Vehicles and Support Equipment
  • http://www.techprofiles.org/index.php/biotechnologies Science Database | Biotechnologies - Technologies in areas: Biochemistry, Cytology, Genetics and Molecular Biology, Ecology, Immunology, Microbiology, Nutrition, Public Health, Pathology, Pharmacology, Physiology, Radiobiology, Agriculture
  • http://www.techprofiles.org/index.php/chemistry Science Database | Chemistry - Technologies in areas: Analytical Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Process Engineering, Polymer Chemistry, Basic and Synthetic Chemistry, Physical and Theoretical Chemistry
  • http://www.techprofiles.org/index.php/environmental Science Database | Environmental - Technologies in areas: Air Pollution and Control, Environmental Health and Safety, Monitoring and Instrumentation, Radioactive Waste Treatment, Seismic Monitoring, Solid Waste Pollution and Control, Water Pollution and Control, Non-Nuclear Energy
  • http://www.techprofiles.org/index.php/industrial-technologies Science Database | Industrial Technologies - Technologies in areas: Manufacturing Technology, Building Industry Technology, Plant Design and Maintenance, Information and Communications
  • http://www.techprofiles.org/index.php/material-sciences Science Database | Material Sciences - Technologies in areas: High Performance Metals and Alloys, Ceramics, Composites, Organic and Electronics Materials, Materials Synthesis and Processing
  • http://www.techprofiles.org/index.php/nuclear-energy Science Database | Nuclear Energy and Safety - Technologies in areas: Nuclear Safety and Safeguarding, Nuclear and Other Technical Data, Isotopes, Nuclear Instrumentation, Reactor Fuels and Fuel Engineering, Reactor Engineering and NPP
  • http://www.techprofiles.org/index.php/physics Science Database | Physics - Technologies in areas: Fluid Mechanics and Gas Dynamics, Optics and Lasers, Particles, Fields and Accelerator Physics, Plasma Physics, Radiofrequency Waves, Solid State Physics, Structural Mechanics
  • http://www.techprofiles.org/index.php/piezo Science Database | Petrenko - Piezoelectric Technology - Piezo-Electric Products. ☞ Petrenko Sergiy Fedorovych. ☎ (380-44) 580-1376; (380-67) 918-32-68. E-mail: [email protected]
  • http://www.techprofiles.org/index.php/sensors Science Database | Sensors - Technologies in areas: Sensors; fiber optic transmission lines; power and signal transmission devices

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