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  • Jonhayashi1 - AESOP FABLES is one beautiful pop-up book!!

    With this latest pop-up book the authors Chris Beatrice and Bruce Whatley have out done themselves in illustrating the classic Aesop Fables! Each story is breathtakingly illustrated with lush colour pictures and paper engineering by Kees Moerbeek! With the GOOSE THAT LAID THE GOLDEN EGG the surprises that the farmer and the wife find are well illustrated and presented with each turn of the pop-up page! And when the farmer has a look of concern over what his wife will do next as she decides to kill the goose to get all the eggs at once a flip of the page reveals the goose has been killed and the animals look sad at the loss! These smaller pop-ups reveal the full story while the large center piece shows the goose in full glory before her demise!

  • JaNean - Best flashlight I've ever seen!

    I simply can't say enough awesome things about this flashlight! I carry it with me everywhere I go and use it extensively in my profession. It's insanely bright (when I need it to be) and I love the rechargeable battery setup. I rarely need to run it at a setting higher that 3 (of 5) but when I do crank it up it makes other flashlight beams completely disappear in shame. Inspectors are quite picky about their flashlights and this is the best flashlight I've ever seen. I immediately bought one after seeing a co-worker with his and since that time most of the rest of the crew has bought them as well. They're that good.

  • Garden Fresh - Makes Skin Glow

    Perfect! This blush is amazing. It has the perfect glowy shine to it without being overkill. Highly recommend!!!!

  • gadgetgenie - I like the sent of the facial cream but they are ...

    Similar to earlier 1-star reviews I was plucked off the street in Hawaii in my jet-lagged daze and before I noticed got a free facial with a gold mask and 400$ worth of products that I have been using for almost 7 months. I have not noticed any difference after using both kinds of under eye creams. I think the only product that seem to work was the exfoliating mask that leaves a 'squeaky clean' feel to my face. I like the sent of the facial cream but they are not different from any drug store face creams. I would probably buy the skin exfoliator if it was not over a 100$ but not the other products.

  • Alison - Make Love, Not War

    I started to read this book, then quickly discovered that I could tear up the pages to make beautiful origami paper animals. Then I got out my crayons and coloured them all the colours of the rainbow. Oh look, a squirrel......

  • Keith Rawlings - Great, Great Book for the Married Guy!

    I really enjoyed this book. All of the author's tips work - I have started my MAP and am already realizing the benefits of it. His whole point about fixing "us" instead of fixing the wife is really the first step to having a better marriage with more sex.