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STN International: Home - STN is an online database service that provides global access to published research, journal literature, patents, structures, sequences, properties, and other data. With STN, find precisely the patent and sci-tech information needed to make business-critic

  • http://www.stn-international.de/fiz_karlsruhe_home.html FIZ Startseite - FIZ Karlsruhe - FIZ Karlsruhe – Leibniz-Institut für Informationsinfrastruktur ist eine GmbH mit anerkannter Gemeinnützigkeit und die größte außeruniversitäre Informationsinfrastruktureinrichtung in Deutschland. Es hat den öffentlichen Auftrag, Wissenschaft und Forschung – auch in der Wirtschaft – mit wissenschaftlicher Information zu versorgen und entsprechende Produkte und Informations-Services zu entwickeln. Hierfür betreiben wir angewandte Forschung. Unser Ziel ist die aktive Unterstützung der Innovationsförderung durch Stärkung des Wissenstransfers im nationalen wie im internationalen Rahmen. FIZ Karlsruhe ist Mitglied der Leibniz-Gemeinschaft, unter deren Dach sich fast 90 Einrichtungen zusammengeschlossen haben, die Forschung betreiben und/oder wissenschaftliche Infrastrukturen bereitstellen. Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter www.fiz-karlsruhe.de oder folgen Sie uns auf Twitter (@fiznews).

    Country:, Europe, DE

    City: 8.3906 Baden-Württemberg Region, Germany

  • Super Steve - Great Product

    Used on plastic accent shutters 5+ years old in constant sun shine ... look like new. Now after several weeks it still looks great. Quantity is limited and was barely enough to do 3 pair of shutters

  • K. Koehler - Fit i my printer perfectly

    I with toner was not so expensive but my company quit paying for ink. They said we dont need our own printers but I dont care. I will pay if I have to, to keep a printer on my desk. These worked perfectly and I know I will be back to buy mroe soon.

  • Troy - This will blow your mind....literally! Great product

    My wife is a personal trainer, and I take responsibility in ensuring that my own health is maintained. My father-in-law was recently diagnosed with Alzheimers, and although I am not genetically his child, I have had memory issues in the past. I was in a bike accident back in 2000 and since then my memory has not been the best. I have also had headaches as a result of this. After research and discussing this with my wife, I felt that I would give this product a try. Although I have not been on this product for an extended period of time, I have noticed a difference in the energy levels, and the clarity in my mind. I am going to recommend this product to my father-in-law who was just diagnosed to try this out.

  • Blessed Tennessean - Save your money

    My husband and I have been on it for a month. No benefits. Hubby has a cold. First time in over a year. I have a rash on the back of my ankles, back of arms and upper back. Kinda like hives, which I have never had. I plan to try and get my money back. I agree with other reviews, the people who sell it have made it an idol. It consumes them. Save your money and get a good multi vitamin and eat some fruit and veggies.

  • J. Beck - Viso Pro on a downward trend

    With each new release, Visio Pro gets worse and worse. Functions that used to work no longer do. The new ribbon interface is worthless eye candy - does anybody at Microsoft actually use this product?