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Sports Medicine & Physiotherapy Clinic | Stem Cell Therapy - Sportsmed Biologic provide broad based Sports Medicine, Interventional Medicine (cellular medicine), Physiotherapy and Elite Rehabilitation in Box Hill.

Country:, Oceania, AU

City: 151.0903 New South Wales, Australia

  • jcmc27281 - it's great. Provides a nice clear strong wifi signal

    When it's working, it's great. Provides a nice clear strong wifi signal, but I wish it had memory backup or something. Everytime you lose power or disconnect the power cord by accident, have to re-enter all the wifi information.

  • Amy Gonzalez - Entertaing for babies

    This water may keeps my baby niece entertained for a while. She loves it. In her mind she is splaHong water around and it's so amazing how happy she gets while doing so!! It's super easy to fill and absolutely no leaks have occured. It also is made with think plastic so the chance of the plastic ripping is very slim. I love it! This is my honest review given in exchange of receiving this at a free or reduced rate.