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SCV Pregnancy Center - Serving Santa Clarita since 1987 providing free services, including pregnancy testing, ultrasound pregnancy confirmation, abortion information, pregnancy options counseling, and STD Testing/Treatment.

  • http://www.scvpc.org/home/ Home — SCV Pregnancy Center - We are a leading health care team providing relevant medical services to those facing unplanned pregnancy and sexual health decisions. 
  • http://www.scvpc.org/signs-of-pregnancy/ Signs of Pregnancy — SCV Pregnancy Center - If you or someone you know thinks they might be having symptoms of pregnancy, find out for sure! We offer medical grade pregnancy tests and you will get the results the same day. 
  • http://www.scvpc.org/pregnancy-options/ Pregnancy Options — SCV Pregnancy Center - Get the facts about your pregnancy options: abortion, adoption, and parenting. Get the information you need to make an empowered choice to move forward. 
  • http://www.scvpc.org/limited-ob-ultrasound/ Limited OB Ultrasound — SCV Pregnancy Center - If you didn't need to have an abortion, would you want to know? That's why our doctor recommends ultrasound prior to any pregnancy related decision. 
  • http://www.scvpc.org/stdsti-pregnancy/ STD/STI & Pregnancy — SCV Pregnancy Center - Pregnant women should get tested for STD/STI's regardless of whether they intend to carry the pregnancy to term, or terminate the pregnancy. 
  • http://www.scvpc.org/stdsti-infection/ STD/STI Infection — SCV Pregnancy Center - Most people with an STD/STI don’t know it, because infections have no symptoms. With or without symptoms, disease can still spread from person to person.
  • http://www.scvpc.org/abortion/ Abortion — SCV Pregnancy Center - Go over the risks and benefits of abortion with a medical professional today. Every decision has its own realities, which is why you have the right to know about ALL your options. 
  • http://www.scvpc.org/sexual-health/ Sexual Health — SCV Pregnancy Center - You are in control and your future is in your hands. Distress that can follow unprotected sex is preventable, and a burden you can avoid. 
  • http://www.scvpc.org/std-sti-exposure/ STD/STI Exposure — SCV Pregnancy Center - What are your odds of getting a life-changing or life-threatening STD? Don't put off getting tested for STD's any longer. Contact us today to get tested. 
  • http://www.scvpc.org/choosing-birth-control/ Choosing Birth Control — SCV Pregnancy Center - There are many types of birth control available today. Which method brings you the greatest benefit of preventing pregnancy and STD's? Get more information from a medical professional.
  • http://www.scvpc.org/services/ Services — SCV Pregnancy Center - Free pregnancy testing and ultrasound. STD Testing and treatment available. Phone: (661) 255-008223838 Valencia Blvd., #270Valencia, CA 91355
  • http://www.scvpc.org/contact/ Make An Appointment — SCV Pregnancy Center - 23838 Valencia Blvd., #270Valencia, Ca 91355Phone: (661) 255-0082Email: [email protected]

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