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Home - Experience a truly memorable trip on the River Orwell on Sailing Barge Victor - Ipswich-built in 1895 and fully restored to original rig in 2006 – on either a public or bespoke cruise.

  • http://www.sbvictor.co.uk/hire/bird-watching BIRD WATCHING - Enjoy the amazing spectacle of Bird by Barge aboard Thames Sailing Barge Victor. Cruise from Ipswich to the River Stour

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  • Theresa Whitcomb - Great Battery I think, you tell me.

    Used this for about a week and it kept my phone charged. What originally got me to look for a battery bank was that I don't have a hooked up 12 volt accessory in the car. The person who installed the stereo (previous owner) forgot to hook up the 12 volt accessory plugs. A rookie mistake when installing a stereo. I've done it once and never again. Anyway, so this battery bank has basically kept my phone charged up for a week or so. I even got a solar charger should I need to charge the battery in an emergency, or just the phone directly (when there's direct sun available), but I'm mostly charging it up via my computer. It might not have a light like some of the others do, but I liked the 1500mAh claim. I'm checking with a meter to see if that's anywhere near true. I've hard usually that's about 80% true, and that's good enough for me, especially since it's kept my phone charged up for a week without a recharge till now.