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Psychiatric Behavioral Hospital - Strategic Behavioral Center - Welcome to Strategic Behavioral Center in Raleigh, a Psychiatric Hospital for children faced with mental and behavioral challenges. Call today (855)537-2262

  • http://www.sbcraleigh.com/contact-us/ Contact Us- Mental Health Hospital -Strategic Behavioral - Contact our facility at Strategic Behavioral Center Raleigh for mental & behavioral health help. Our staff is here to help you, we look forward to your call
  • http://www.sbcraleigh.com/careers-jobopportunities/ Careers - Jobs - Strategic Behavioral Center – Raleigh - Want to work in a friendly mental health facility? Check out the careers and jobs available at Strategic Behavioral Center – Raleigh in Raleigh, NC
  • http://www.sbcraleigh.com/about-us/ About Us | Mental Health - Strategic Behavioral Center - Want to learn more about us? Strategic Behavioral Center is an acute hospital and residential behavioral health facility for adolescents and children.
  • http://www.sbcraleigh.com/about-us/makes-us-unique/ What makes us Unique | Behavior Specialists - Mental Health - Want to learn more about what makes us unique? We help families through compassionate quality mental and behavioral health care. Talk to our staff today
  • http://www.sbcraleigh.com/about-us/leadership-team-medical-staff/ Leadership | Medical Staff | Raleigh Psychiatric – Raleigh, NC - Our leadership team and Medical Staff provide compassionate care for all of our patients. Our behavioral Health Specialists are here for you and your family
  • http://www.sbcraleigh.com/testimonials-recommendations/ Testimonials – Mental Health - Hospital in North Carolina - Read our patient testimonials and see what our past clients think about the friendly Strategic Behavioral Center – Raleigh facility and staff. Call now
  • http://www.sbcraleigh.com/programs-overview/ Programs | Mental Health - Strategic Behavioral Center Raleigh - Various programs are available for those experiencing behavioral or mental challenges in their life. For a free confidential assessment, call (855)537-2262
  • http://www.sbcraleigh.com/programs-overview/inpatient-program/ Inpatient | Mental Health - Strategic Behavioral Center - Get more info about our effective inpatient programs for psychiatric treatment. We can help! Free confidential assessment, call (855)537-2262
  • http://www.sbcraleigh.com/programs-overview/psychiatric-residential-treatment-facility-prtf/ Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility in Raleigh, NC - Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility provides long-term treatment for youth with ongoing behavioral, emotional, or psychiatric challenges. Call now
  • http://www.sbcraleigh.com/programs-overview/partial-hospitalization-program-php/ Partial Hospitalization Programs | Mental Health - Raleigh, NC - Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is for adolescents with primary psychiatric disorders who require intensive support and structure. Contact us today
  • http://www.sbcraleigh.com/programs-overview/admissions/ Admissions | Carolina Specialists - Strategic Behavioral Center - We want the transition to be as easy as possible, and our team will ensure complete compassion and understanding. If you have any questions, give us a call!
  • http://www.sbcraleigh.com/faqs/ FAQs - Child & Adolescent Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital - Get answers to frequently asked questions, FAQs, from our mental health professionals at Strategic Behavioral Center – Raleigh. Call (855)537-2262
  • http://www.sbcraleigh.com/families/ Families- Mental Health - Strategic Behavioral Center – Raleigh - Strategic Behavioral Center – Raleigh provide services for families in Raleigh, NC. Call us today! We are here to help your family member or friend
  • http://www.sbcraleigh.com/families/asking-help/ Help & Development- Strategic Behavioral Center– Raleigh, NC - Asking for help with mental health or behavioral health issues shouldn't be embarrassing. Our friendly staff at Strategic Behavioral Center – Raleigh can help!
  • http://www.sbcraleigh.com/families/warning-signs/ Warning Signs - Mental Health Issues - Strategic Behavioral - Learn the warning signs of mental or behavioral health issues and be aware. Strategic Behavioral Center – Raleigh mental facility can help, just call us.
  • http://www.sbcraleigh.com/families/family-faqs/ Family - Mental Health - Strategic Behavioral Center – Raleigh - Have a family member in our Strategic Behavioral Center Raleigh facility? Get answers to your frequently asked questions, about families and their rights.
  • http://www.sbcraleigh.com/providers/ Providers - Development Center - Behavioral Hospital - Raleigh - Get a list of the providers and their information Peak Behavioral Health works with. if you do not see a provider, give us a call, we can still help!
  • http://www.sbcraleigh.com/providers/providers-overview/ Providers | Mental Health Resources - Hospital – Raleigh - If you are a provider, we are here to help. We want you to be part of the process. We know you want whats best for your patient. We can answer any questions
  • http://www.sbcraleigh.com/professional-partnership/ Professional Partnership - Child and Adolescent - Raleigh, NC - Our professional partnership allows you to be part of our behavioral strategy and health center. We look forward to your partnership & working with you
  • http://www.sbcraleigh.com/providers/make-referral/ Referral | Specialists - Strategic Behavioral Center – Raleigh - Make a referral to our friendly mental health professionals at Strategic Behavioral Center– Raleigh today! Our staff is available to help with all your needs
  • http://www.sbcraleigh.com/providers/insurance/ Insurance -Mental Health - Strategic Behavioral Center - Your insurance company may cover our mental health services here at Strategic Behavioral Center– Raleigh. Give us a call for any insurance questions
  • http://www.sbcraleigh.com/providers/provider-faqs/ Providers - Behavior Health Specialists - Raleigh, NC Hospital - Do you want to know what providers Strategic Behavioral Center – Raleigh works with? Check out our providers FAQs page or contact us, we are happy to help
  • http://www.sbcraleigh.com/resource-overview/ Resources - Fellowship Health | Mental Health | Raleigh, NC - Get helpful resources, information and links from our mental health facility. We provide compassionate care of mental and behavior health challenges.
  • http://www.sbcraleigh.com/resource-overview/resources-faqs/ Resources – Raleigh, North Carolina - Strategic Behavioral Center - Looking for answers to your frequently asked questions, FAQs, about mental health? Our resources FAQs page can help you! Let us know how we can help!
  • http://www.sbcraleigh.com/resource-overview/forms-program-information/ Forms & Program Information | Psychiatric – Raleigh, NC - Need forms and program information? Visit our website for further information, or contact us and let us know how we can be of assistance. Call today
  • http://www.sbcraleigh.com/schedule-assessment/ Mental Health Assessment - Strategic Behavioral Center - Schedule an assessment with our friendly medical staff here at Strategic Behavioral Center – Raleigh. We are located in Raleigh, NC, and we here to help you
  • http://www.sbcraleigh.com/mental-health/ Mental Health at Raleigh Strategic Behavioral Center - Whats similar and different between Mental Health and Behavioral Health? Read more here. Whether you have behavioral or mental challenges, give us a call!
  • http://www.sbcraleigh.com/depression/ Depression | Behavioral Health Specialists in Raleigh NC - What is depression? Are children at risk for depression? How does depression affect children, teens and adolescents? We are here to help, call today!
  • http://www.sbcraleigh.com/therapy/ Therapy | Behavioral Health Specialist | Raleigh, NC - Are you looking for Therapy for yourself or someone else? Strategic Behavioral Health can help, give our facility a call today, our staff is standing by.

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