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Country:, Europe, SK

City: 19.5 , Slovak Republic

  • John C. - Cannot handle high humidity environments

    I purchased this hygrometer to use inside a terrarium in order to monitor temperature and humidity. Unfortunately, it only worked for a few days before it began malfunctioning, the characters on the display fading away until they were completely gone. It appears to me that the device could not handle the high humidity conditions of my terrarium.

  • Tony Qski - Class A B-Flick

    This moive has it all: complete world destruction, amateur acting, iffy special effects and lousy plot. And it entertains from start to end. You laugh all the way through it. I was on my seat with animated suspense, laughing at its silliness, corny lines and two bit cliches. Its up there with the great cheese of apocalypse movies: Deep Impact, The End of Tomorrow and The Divide. What's even greater about this movie is that it did not attempt to explain the mystic dribble of the Mayan hypothesis. What a pile of crap that theory is. I laughed the loudest when Danny Glover overacted his main line with too much emotionality to the leaders of all nations: "Its the end of the world." It just had to be said.