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  • Kaoutar Burrell - The Worst Product on Earth and Venus.

    Absolutely horrible. I tried the product and used it faithfully for 6 months hoping something would work. Instead of making my acne better, it made it considerably worse. I've been suffering from acne since i was 12, i'm 28 now and i believed the sales pitch seen in the infomercials. what a fool i was. to make it worse, i ordered from proactiv themselves.

  • Cathy Poole - Forever Flawless is wonderful!!

    Contrary to most of the negative reviews, I have been using this line since Sept 2015 and it's by FAR, the best for my skin. I'll be 60 years old this year and I'm told by many, that it has taken 20 years off my face. I don't find that it works all that well on the neck as it does the face. expensive....most definitely, but I've been able to order a couple of the products from other websites at a fraction of the cost. I'm a natural redhead with very sensitive skin and haven't had any negative reactions to it...just the opposite, amazing results.