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  • Amazon Customer - Best on the market- find a distributor

    Probio5 is soooo much better than any other probiotic on the market- but DONT spend this much to buy it! Ask around for an independent ambassador- I'm sure you know someone- and checkout the pricing options! Wholesale pricing is the same or cheaper than OTC junk at Walmart! You'll be so glad you switched to probio5!

  • Shey Provencher - 3 Pcs Great Quality Strong Durable Stainless Steel Whisks

    I was very excited to be approved for and getting these whisks as ours was on its last leg and needed to be thrown away....This 3 piece set is amazing and of great quality...they are stainless steel and the whisk part seem flimsy and like they would break but surprisingly they are very strong, durable, unbreakable, not bendable and work wonderful for mixing things....my fiance is the cook and our household and he loves these...he found whisking potatoes, and mixing things where of great ease and so much better than our beaten up one we had. There is a small, medium and large whisks great for all jobs. We, as you would be, very happy to have these in our kitchen. Comes in a nice sleek box and each whisk is individually placed in a clear bag to protect them...the handles are very nice, strong, and sturdy, and are easy to use and hold.

  • J. Morgan - Heavenly scent

    This cream smells so good, and feels so nice on my skin, that I use it where I don't have stretch marks. I had originally purchased this cream during my first pregnancy to avoid stretch marks. I'm not saying the cream worked (it may just be my genetics) but I haven't gotten a single stretch mark in any of my three pregnancies. I am not currently pregnant but still use this cream because I love smelling like chocolate :)

  • k_star - .... Or nah

    First let me say this review is strictly for the French tips. The rest of their nail polish and line of gel products are on point. These are awful. I am a seasoned gel polish user. I do them at home now but used to get them done in the salon. I have come to master it flawlessly so I figured these would be a breeze!

  • Swarthy One - Excellent accessory for the price!!!

    I went to a locally "box" store to purchase replacement wireless Bluetooth headset, and came out empty handed as they were too expensive for me in my opinion. Met a friend for a meal, and he told me about SENSO ActivBuds, he sent me a direct link on Amazon, I reviewed them, liked what I read and price, and purchased them on the spot. Oh what a wonderful joy when I received them!!!. I put them on charger, but they we're almost fully charged and ready to connect to my device. First test is music - EXCELLENT is all I can say. These were just as good as my plug in in earbuds. Second test phone call - again EXCELLENT I had to turn volume down as clarity was very good.

  • Melvazord - Movies Lie

    Do not be fooled by this product. I bought this along with four terrapins and a rat (since I couldnt lay my hands on a warthog and a rhino). I rubbed this product into my skin and gums then rolled around with the terrapins and the rat.