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  • léona - The medical student's bible

    This is literally the bible for step! I highly recommend also purchasing the flashcards at USMLE-Rx; they're not your typical, traditional term and definition flashcards; the questions are well-written and provide a comprehensive review of the material in the text; I wish I had had them while moving through biochemistry and physiology as a MD1. The 2015 version is an improvement over the 2014 version; additional material has been added to the GI chapter for example. I also recommend taking the book to a brick and mortar office supply store and getting it spiral bound.

  • Andy Jackson - JOPA pulled its link

    It is sad that the JOPA page pulled its book review of this tome. If anybody has insight on why that happened it would be interesting reading.

  • S. Bassaw - Simply amazing!

    I have been pretty lucky to stay at some nice hotels such as Hilton, Intercontinental, Hyatt Regency, Resistance, Andaz, Indigo and a few others. All of them give you mini bottles of shampoo and conditioner. The best shampoo and conditioner that I have used have come from the Hilton and were from the Peter Thomas Roth collection.

  • Christopher - They are fast and easy to load

    I bought 5 of these. Our family loves using these. They are fast and easy to load. Great family activity. The darts will sting a bit if they hit you in the face from 10 feet away. I know this because I'm been shot in the face more than once.

  • mike krupp - We drove the ring rode and used this book to ...

    We drove the ring rode and used this book to help us navigate the sites. It was really helpful. You probably dont need it if you are just doing the golden circle, but if you are going outside that, this one's a winner. We looked at few other travel guides and this one was the most recent and comprehensive we found.

  • karmen - Very helpful

    I received this book for free or at a discounted rate in exchange for my unbiased and honest opinion.

  • DCRAWFORD - Best VR Headset for the Price

    There are many VR Headsets on the market today. I have tried a great many of them to see which would be the best fit for me. Well I have to say for the price and quality of the product you can’t do much better than the Floon VR Headset. It is super easy to assemble, easy to use, adjustable for your phone type, and pretty comfortable to wear. It also has several adjustments that can be made for focus length and for pupillary distances (this is the distance between your pupils. This distance determines your field of view that needs to be adjusted in VR headsets to ensure you do not have overlapping double vision.). The only drawback is that you really need to get a BluTooth remote control to navigate many of the on screen functions. Over all this is by far the best product for the price.