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Home - Richmond Plastic Surgeons - We offer a variety of cosmetic surgery procedures, non-surgical treatments, and professional skin care in Richmond, VA.

  • http://www.richmondplasticsurgeons.com/about-us/ About Us - Richmond Plastic Surgeons - Richmond Cosmetic Surgeons offers breast, body, and face cosmetic surgery procedures in addition to professional skin care.
  • http://www.richmondplasticsurgeons.com/services/ Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery | Richmond Plastic Surgeons - Explore the many services we offer, from reconstructive plastic surgery to cosmetic medicine and professional skin care.
  • http://www.richmondplasticsurgeons.com/services/cosmetic-surgery/ Richmond Cosmetic Surgery | Richmond Plastic Surgeons - We offer a variety of breast, body, and facial cosmetic surgery procedures in Richmond to help you look great and feel fantastic.
  • http://www.richmondplasticsurgeons.com/services/cosmetic-surgery/breast/ Breast Enhancement Surgery | Richmond Plastic Surgeons - If you're hoping to boost your curves or correct a flaw, we offer a number of cosmetic & reconstructive breast surgery procedures.
  • http://www.richmondplasticsurgeons.com/services/cosmetic-surgery/breast/breast-augmentation/ Breast Augmentation - Richmond Plastic Surgeons - Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries, for good reason! Learn more about how this option can improve your curves.
  • http://www.richmondplasticsurgeons.com/services/cosmetic-surgery/breast/breast-lift/ Breast Lift | Richmond Plastic Surgeons - Breast lift surgery can help lift and reshape breasts after pregnancy, aging, or weight loss. Learn more about this popular procedure.
  • http://www.richmondplasticsurgeons.com/services/cosmetic-surgery/breast/richmond-breast-lift-implants/ Breast Lift with Implants | Richmond VA | Richmond Plastic Surgeons - You can get larger breasts and address sagging in one straightforward procedure. Learn more about breast lift with augmenation.
  • http://www.richmondplasticsurgeons.com/services/cosmetic-surgery/breast/breast-reduction/ Breast Reduction | Richmond Plastic Surgeons - Large, heavy breasts can be a pain...literally. Breast reduction surgery is a great way to alleviate discomfort and boost confidence.
  • http://www.richmondplasticsurgeons.com/services/cosmetic-surgery/breast/breast-implant-revision/ Breast Implant Revision | Richmond Plastic Surgeons - Most women are thrilled with their breast augmentation results, but complications, preference changes, & time can make a difference. Here's what you can do.
  • http://www.richmondplasticsurgeons.com/services/cosmetic-surgery/breast/breast-reconstruction/ Breast Reconstruction - Richmond Plastic Surgeons - After mastectomy, many women feel less than whole. Breast reconstruction is often a great option for restoring the breast mound...and confidence.
  • http://www.richmondplasticsurgeons.com/services/cosmetic-surgery/body/ Body Contouring | Richmond Plastic Surgeons - Body contouring procedures like liposuction and tummy tuck surgery can help create a proportionate look. Learn more about how to take control of your curves!
  • http://www.richmondplasticsurgeons.com/services/cosmetic-surgery/body/liposuction/ Liposuction - Richmond Plastic Surgeons - Liposuction is the most popular cosmetic surgery & it can help you slim down and shape up! Find out if you're a candidate.
  • http://www.richmondplasticsurgeons.com/services/cosmetic-surgery/body/arm-lift/ Arm Lift - Richmond Plastic Surgeons - Aging, weight loss, and even your genes can all contribute to sagging skin on the upper arms. Find out how arm lift surgery can help.
  • http://www.richmondplasticsurgeons.com/services/cosmetic-surgery/body/tummy-tuck/ Tummy Tuck | Richmond Plastic Surgeons - Ditch the dreaded pregnancy pooch, fight back at aging, or take your body back after weight loss with a tummy tuck. Learn how.
  • http://www.richmondplasticsurgeons.com/services/cosmetic-surgery/body/richmond-mommy-makeover/ Mommy Makeover - Richmond Plastic Surgeons - Getting your pre-baby shape back can be difficult on your own. A mommy makeover can restore a smoother abdomen and improve breast shape following pregnancy.
  • http://www.richmondplasticsurgeons.com/services/cosmetic-surgery/body/gynecomastia-correction/ Gynecomastia Surgery | Richmond Plastic Surgeons - Excess fat and tissue on the chest can be embarrassing and uncomfortable for men. Learn how gynecomastia surgery can help restore a masculine contour.
  • http://www.richmondplasticsurgeons.com/services/cosmetic-surgery/body/richmond-brazilian-butt-lift/ Brazilian Butt Lift in Virginia - Richmond Plastic Surgeons - This increasingly popular cosmetic surgery selectively removes unwanted fat using liposuction and transfers fat to the buttocks for a rounder, fuller shape.
  • http://www.richmondplasticsurgeons.com/services/cosmetic-surgery/body/fat-transfer-richmond/ Fat transfer to face, breast and body | Richmond Plastic Surgeons - Did you know your own fat can be used to smooth wrinkles, enhance the buttocks or breasts, or even rejuvenate hands? Learn more about this innovative procedure
  • http://www.richmondplasticsurgeons.com/services/cosmetic-surgery/body/body-lift/ Body Lift After Weight Loss | Richmond Plastic Surgeons - After losing weight, your skin doesn't always bounce back—and extra, saggy skin can make you feel self-conscious. Here's how a body lift can help.
  • http://www.richmondplasticsurgeons.com/services/cosmetic-surgery/body/thigh-lift/ Thigh Lift | Richmond Plastic Surgeons - Have you lost weight or noticed extra, sagging skin on your legs as you age? Thigh lift surgery removes excess skin to create a slimmer, smoother contour.
  • http://www.richmondplasticsurgeons.com/services/cosmetic-surgery/face/ Face | Richmond Plastic Surgeons - We offer a number of procedures to help minimize wrinkles, tighten the skin, and reshape your facial contours.
  • http://www.richmondplasticsurgeons.com/services/cosmetic-surgery/face/brow-lift/ Brow Lift | Richmond Plastic Surgeons - Tired of looking tired and grumpy? See how brow lift surgery can help make you look more alert and youthful.
  • http://www.richmondplasticsurgeons.com/services/cosmetic-surgery/face/endoscopic-brow-lift/ Endoscopic Brow Lift - Richmond Plastic Surgeons - This techniques offers great results with fewer incisions! Learn how you can look younger and more alert with an endoscopic brow lift.
  • http://www.richmondplasticsurgeons.com/services/cosmetic-surgery/face/chin-shaping/ Chin Implants | Richmond Plastic Surgeons - A weak chin can impact the harmony of your entire face. Find out how chin implants can help balance & strengthen your facial features.
  • http://www.richmondplasticsurgeons.com/services/cosmetic-surgery/face/dermabrasion/ Dermabrasion - Richmond Plastic Surgeons - Skin has it hard: aging, sun damage, and genetics all play a role in its health and appearance—and sometimes it needs a little extra help.
  • http://www.richmondplasticsurgeons.com/services/cosmetic-surgery/face/ear-shaping/ Ear Shaping - Richmond Plastic Surgeons - Overly large or protruding ears can be a source of embarrassment for adults and children alike. Find out how ear shaping can help!
  • http://www.richmondplasticsurgeons.com/services/cosmetic-surgery/face/eyelid-surgery/ Eyelid Lift | Richmond Plastic Surgeons - Drooping eyelids and puffiness under the eye can make you look older, tired, & even angry. We can help with eyelid lift surgery.

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  • [lgm] ARTS - Affordable VR!

    For what it is, the PS-VR is awesome and I think that Sony will make a killing off of this headset. This VR-Headset falls in between Pro and beginner Mobile VR. There is a bunch of complaints about the Move-Controllers or regular controllers tracking being a "Hit or Miss," but in my experience I have had virtually no trouble with tracking. Also, for a medium-level-consumer-grade VR-Headset, it is more comfortable than the Oculus Rift. The only real complaint I have with this VR-Headset is the Low Detail from the low resolution and a bit of motion sickness, but motion-sickness is expected with almost all VR; I experienced motion sickness with the Oculus Rift as well. With Oculus and HTC Vive, one needs a beastly PC in order to use Oculus or the Vive, which can cost more than a 500gb PS4 and VR bundle. Additionally, the Headset is very easy to set up because of the Plug-&-Play design and Sony has even included numerical labels to show the user what step is next; however, I did not even use the instructions or looked at the numerical labels to install this unit; any tech savvy teen or adult can use common sense to figure out what plug goes where, if not there are comprehensive instructions located in a VERY LARGE instruction booklet included inside the box or one can always watch a instructional PS-VR installation video on Youtube. I usually do not purchase Tech right off the bat because the price usually drops down significantly after several years, but in this case I compared the price drops from Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, which have have stayed steady throughout the years they have been in service; however, I surmise that the Oculus and Vive will drop in price soon or maybe they will come out with their own Medium-Grade-Consumer-Level VR-Headset. Retrospectively, if you have a PS4, and in the market for a VR headset, then PS-VR is a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable VR-Headset.

  • Adrian Nyland - Changed my marriage

    After many months of not so happy times in my marriage, I stumbled across Athol's website and subsequently, book. This book is raw, truthful and above all, works. I have introduced it to at least a dozen people. All those that actually cracked the book and read it, are having a much better time in their marriage.

  • Greg Logan - Not for older Whirlpool Range

    I thought I had it all measured out - but as noted by other reviewers - the larger ones did not fit. They are just a little too big for my old Whirlpool range. Perhaps I am s/h gone with the Whirlpool right off but the measurements seemed to work. I am trying the Whirlpool drip pans now - fingers crossed.

  • Father of Four - Not impressed

    I really don't like the changes between Office 2010 and Office 2013. Office 2013 has a strange interface for opening and saving files, and sometimes it freezes up. Older versions never did that. I wish I could exchange mine for Office 2010. I asked Microsoft and they said I had no downgrade rights. What a shame. Just like Windows 7 to Windows 8, Office 2010 to 2013 is a disappointment since they broke a perfectly good interface.