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R. Howard Webster Foundation - The R. Howard Webster Foundation makes grants to outstanding Canadian charitable organizations offering unique and inspiring programs or projects for the benefit, improvement and development of Canadian society.

Country:, North America, CA

City: -73.5501 Quebec, Canada

  • Amazon Customer - Onscreen content, interactivity depends too much on viewer's computer speed

    I like having CL available digitally; however, there is so much information, animations, and interactivity presented that unless you have a very fast computer or tablet, it takes forever to see results of any interactivity. For example, I love idea of saving recipes via MyRecipes; but, again, the time to load results of clicking on something to save a recipe takes so long that my Kindle keeps timing out. I wish CL and/or MyRecipes could provide a simple pathway to saving recipes ON MY DEVICE. Thanks for listening to my feedback.

  • Debra J. Mosely - I'm ready to get started creating my content marketing!

    This was a quick read and FULL of incredible information. Very well done, and I also signed up for his newsletter. My favorite line from the book - Don't blend in. STAND OUT.

  • mellowasamelon - My hair is fine and thin

    made me hair look greasy. It smells awful and caused breakage not hair growth. My hair is fine and thin. Not a good buy

  • Jared D. - Item is as described. All OEM plug and play ...

    Item is as described. All OEM plug and play parts. Only thing missing is the push pin to mount the actual light.

  • Robin Manor - Immortal Ops Anniversary Edition

    I have read several books in this series and the related series but had not read these first few books. It was great to get some important background into the beginnings of the agency, it's workings and those that had a hand straight from its inception. I feel a lot of great information relayed in this book clarifies a lot of the subsequent books and highly suggest reading them in order. Thankfully the author Mandy Roth has put together these enhanced anniversary editions to either reread or for new readers an even better way to start the series.

  • MikeB - Great Gaming Console and More!

    The PlayStation 4 is a great console. Last gen I was a big fan of the Xbox 360 because it was cheaper, the games looked better, the online service was better, and the constant addition of apps like Netflix and Hulu were awesome. This time around, the PS4 seems to have that going for it. As I write this, the PS4 is 16 months old, and already we've seen the addition of apps and features that weren't present at launch, like YouTube, HBO Go, and Share Play. And there are more on the way.

  • Mitzy Milton - ... taking these my face and scalp began breaking out horribly. It was cystic

    When I started taking these my face and scalp began breaking out horribly. It was cystic, deep acne like I haven't had since I was 12. I've never had acne on my scalp and it hurt to comb my hair. It was bizarre. I quit taking the vitamins and it cleared up immediately. It's just a shame because they seemed to be working well. My roots seemed to be growing out a lot faster than usual but the awful skin was just not worth it. Possibly it will work for others, just not for me.