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Reactup | Le site à fréquenter avant de baiser ! - Reactup est un site d'information et d'empowerment des gays sur la prévention, la recherche préventive et la santé sexuelle.

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  • Amazon Customer - Too Funny

    I bought this as a way to annoy the crap outta my husband. I sprayed it by the couch and then went upstairs to bed. Not 5 minutes later did I hear him stomping all around the house and then finally to our room. He looked like he was on a mission, so I said "what's up?" His reply? "That damn dog s*** somewhere in this house!" Oh man, I hadn't laughed like that in a long time. I finally told him like two weeks later what it was, and now my inlaws are coming to town in a week. This is going to be fun!

  • Suzzy - Great Attachment if it fit my BOB

    I was so excited to find this attachment for my BOB here on Amazon, but was so disappointed when I went to install it and it only fits the BOB Revolution SE. Not the older version of the Revolution. So just make sure you have the newer BOB before purchasing this.

  • Erik - Shark is a great company that makes great vacuums.

    I just felt like writing a quick review. I think this review is more about Shark as a company rather than the vacuum, but I'll try to cover both.

  • Donald R. Hemphill - McAfee

    I have used McAfee for several years. Before this I purchased a less featured McAfee product. I will buy it again.

  • Andrew - This is way to expensive to not have results of any type better than that

    This cleanse made me eat regular meals but I am almost done with the plan and have lost 1 #. This is way to expensive to not have results of any type better than that. My advice....eat 3 meals and 3 small, nutritious snacks,take daily vitamins and fish oil and exercise.....don't spend the MONEY. The rep said money back if not satisfied but wouldn't stand by that claim, only gave other suggestions. Rip off

  • Sam Nolder - Liked it

    Fast shipment and only tried it once but I liked the results. Hair was shiny after use and we will see how it continues to work after more uses but I would recommend

  • Rebecca - TotalTransformationThankfulness!

    Until working through this program, I blamed Obnoxious behavior of children directly on the parents. This meant when it started happening in extremes with my son and I, that I internalized all his behavior as my fault OR blamed my ex-husband. James helped me grow out of this excuse driven mentality and see things MUCH clearer. This program and my being totally honest with its workbook and techniques, helped me stop the cycle of ineffectiveness. The massive changes in my approach through these techniques are making a tremendous difference. These differences are with both my 15 year old, and me. Some occurred immediately upon use of a technique (like "there is no excuse for abuse, and setting the situation up for next time) and some others are occurring more slowly (replacement behavior and strategic coaching). My son and I are able to coexist again and are building a much healthier parent/child relationship as a result of the Total Transformation. Although, we are still conquering various attitudes/obstacles in behavior, With consistent use of this material I look forward to his remaining three years before entering adulthood and KNOW he'll be better prepared as a result of my embracing James' parenting techniques.