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  • Amazon Customer - My rating is bad because it broke after just a few uses

    My rating is bad because it broke after just a few uses. When it did work. It was amazing. The wine tasted so much better and it was quick and easy. It does take 6 AAA batteries which got me through about 12 bottles of wine. However, all of a sudden when I went to use it again, it just stopped working. I changed out the batteries and still nothing. I am outside the return or replace period so I am stuck with a $100 paper weight.

  • Amazon Customer - Could have been 4 or 5 stars

    What is up with her proof readers??? Are they to excited to read the book that they forget to correct the problems of the book?? Wrong names/ words used it takes so much away when you have to read then reread to get an understanding.(this is all her books). I still like to read them.

  • shiningjoy - These came very fast and for our car perfectly. ...

    These came very fast and for our car perfectly. Would suggest ordering these over buying the ones from the factory for sure.

  • Amazon Customer - Makes the job much simpler

    This jig is amazing. I used to build a picnic bench style table. The ease of use and accuracy is outstanding. All in all, I probably drilled at least 50 holes with this chick just for that one table. It made the job so much easier.

  • Evie Farris - Beware of this cream during pregnancy

    Beware of using this or any other cocoa butter product during pregnancy. It can actually cause your baby to have a heart arithmea. I was using this cream for stretch marks on my belly. After my doctor discovered an irregular heartbeat from my son in utero, I was sent to a specialist who did a fetal echo and told me to go off caffeine (I wasn't having any except a little chocolate) and cocoa butter products. Came back a week later and his heartbeat was fine. They told me it's actually pretty common. Don't risk it with this product! Totally not worth the scare.