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  • muvywriter - Amazing even to a staunch sceptic!

    This book has been a revelation for me. After only two weeks of the described therapy, completed twice a day exactly as recommended for twenty minutes each time, I have experienced profound physical changes that are measurable. For years I have planned to get the nasal and sinus surgery that is popular to clear up the breathing passages. As of this moment I have never breathed more freely in my life. No further thoughts of surgery. My teeth and gums have undergone a positive change that is obvious. My sense of taste has improved. Most important of all to me, my singing voice is a LOT better now than previously and nearly matches what I could do thirty years ago {I am sixty-seven years old}. My assumption is that desirable changes will continue to accrue because I intend to keep this amazing therapy in my physical repertoire for the rest of my life. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  • sanket patel - too big but ncie quality

    The fabric and tie is nice but the shirt runs way to big. I normally wear regular fit but this shirt was way too bulky. The sleeves were huge as well as general width. Overall its nice material and color, just too big.

  • Amazon Customer - Loved The Talking Flashlight

    This was honest from beginning to end and meant for intelligent, fun ENTERTAINMENT. Doty is as talented as anyone in Hollywood and just needs one door to open with that brass ring inside. Ghosts this week -- Bernie's 1977 trip to the USSR for his next project. Loyd Aurbach was the talking head from that Mensa Club you hear about. He's The Man in psi knowledge. My favorite natural talent of the doc was the beautiful and gifted quirkmeister, Angela. Great job guys! I expect ever higher peaks of quality in your future projects.

  • Wendy Williams - Don't waste your money.

    Very expensive product. If it diminished lines or tightened skin it was not enough to notice. The product has a not so pleasant scent. I would not buy this product again.

  • Dave Hall - Fits good, buttons are nice

    Not a sure grip as advertised. This case is almost as slippery as a bare iPhone. Fits good, buttons are nice, but not "grippy".

  • Kelly - Great stuff - worked for me!

    This stuff really does work. I have tried many foot creams to get rid of my dry cracked heels. I soak my feet at night and then rub in the cream and put on cotton socks for the night. It took about 3 nights using the Flexitol and I could see the cracks starting to disappear. I have tried the same process with other foot creams as well as Vaseline with no luck. The Flexitol worked! I will get more when this runs out. I haven't done that with any other foot cream.