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  • D Adams-Parkinson - Did I just get back from a vacation to the beach?

    This was a reorder. A little bit goes a long way, so my first bottle lasted me about 3 months (much cheaper than a tanning place) so don't let the price point scare you off, it's worth it. This is the only self tanner I've found that lasts for several days without the need to reapply. I grew up in a beach town and tanning in the sun was my favorite hobby .. but as I aged and saw the negative affects of sunning beginning, I looked for an alternative way to have that tanned look .. this product actually does look like an authentic suntan, rather than an applied self tanner .. and I've tried them all.

  • EskieMom - Terrible version of Publisher!

    I use MS Publisher in my job, and I use it a lot every week. I'm a Publisher fan and have been for years. But Publisher 2013 is absolutely terrible because they took away the contrast of the area around the document used as a clipboard. And I have not been able to find a function that I use a lot after spending LOTS of time looking for it. I don't like the whitewashed look, even after changing the contrast option, which didn't help much at all. The text boxes are now oversized and a pain. I like all the other 2013 Office programs, but I actually went back to using my Publisher 2007 so I could get my work done. Microsoft - please fix it!

  • AZ kwusu - Great Help & Good Buy from Amazon

    I have been using this H&R Block tax product (formerly Taxcuts) for years and it has been serving me well. I am so used to it, I will probably continue to use it for a while. A word of advice, after falling for it in previous years...even if you are self-employed, upgrading to the "Premium" version is not worth the extra cost, unless you are new to this software. Also, it is a better buy from Amazon as H&R Block keeps increasing their prices for direct purchases from them.

  • Fuzzball - Bought Twice, Defective Twice

    I decided to try Dorco because of the relatively positive reviews and the price. I ended up buying two razor handles and ended up having the same problem with both of them. I needed tweezers to disconnect the cartridge from the handle every time. The small part that is suppose to push into the cartridge to release it kept missing. I thought the first handle was just defective, so I purchased this package again to get a new handle. I had the same problem with the second one! I looked back on the reviews, and apparently I'm not the first reviewer to experience this problem.