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ProJect Pharmaceutics | Protein Formulation & Lyophilization - ProJect Pharmaceutics transforms proteins into pioneering drugs. We provide protein formulation and lyophilization process development.

  • http://www.project-pharmaceutics.com/about-us/ About Us | ProJect Pharmaceutics - ProJect Pharmaceutics was founded in 2010 and is managed by leading experts in protein formulation and pharmaceutical process development with many years of experience in bio-pharmaceutics.
  • http://www.project-pharmaceutics.com/about-us/management/ Management | ProJect Pharmaceutics - ProJect Pharmaceutics was founded and is managed by Andreas Sch├╝tz and Klaus Hellerbrand, two leading experts in protein formulation and pharmaceutical process development.
  • http://www.project-pharmaceutics.com/services/ Services | ProJect Pharmaceutics - ProJect Pharmaceutics provides development for biopharmaceuticals - from formulation to process development.
  • http://www.project-pharmaceutics.com/services/high-protein-concentration-formulations-2015/ High Protein Concentration Formulations | ProJect Pharmaceutics - Transforming therapeutic proteins into high-concentrated, stable and easy to use medications for subcutaneous self-injection.
  • http://www.project-pharmaceutics.com/services/process-development/ Lyophilization Cycle Development | ProJect Pharmaceutics - In its pilot lab, ProJect Pharmaceutics scale lyo-cycle development adapted to GMP manufacturing.
  • http://www.project-pharmaceutics.com/services/preclinical-study-supply/ Preclinical Study Supply | ProJect Pharmaceutics - ProJect Pharmaceutics manufacture samples for stability as well as for GLP toxicology, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies.
  • http://www.project-pharmaceutics.com/services/protein-product-analysis/ Protein & Product Analysis | ProJect Pharmaceutics - ProJect Pharmaceutics offers protein characterization, drug product analytics and process analytical technologies (PAT).
  • http://www.project-pharmaceutics.com/contact/ Contact | ProJect Pharmaceutics - Your way to ProJect Pharmaceutics GmbH, a pharmaceutical service provider near Munich.

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  • Rbarth - Huge potential

    This book has a lot of potential to become a great series. The character development, action, and story are all great! Can't wait for the next.

  • techy - Nest cannot to be trusted as a company, little integrity and very dishonest.

    Bought 2 Nest units from Amazon, they installed as easy as the Ecobee3 - took about 20 minutes to swap out the old (dumb) thermostat. Worked for a while until it received an update, then began throwing the E3 and E4 errors. Contacted Nest, got escalated to a senior tech since initial troubleshooting did not resolve the persistent error. After trying multiple procedures to get the unit to work, unit was deemed defunct. Tech sent out a replacement unit which arrived in a few days. Installed the unit and got the same E3 error. Contacted Nest again and worked with a tech who was convinced that the Nest was not the issue (he had already confirmed that my system was on the compatibility list) but something else with my HVAC system. He requested a certified HVAC tech to work with which he said, in no uncertain terms that if a Nest technician requests the HVAC tech ($165 per visit) that the cost would be covered by Nest, he also said that any costs would be reimbursed if the Nest ended up being the issue. Fine, got an HVAC tech scheduled to come onsite ($165), he worked with the same Nest tech as before who then instructed the HVAC tech to change the furnace board ($200 without labor). This involved another visit ($165) as the board was not in hand. Contacted Nest again since the apparent diagnosis by the Nest tech was incorrect; the furnace board was not the issue. HVAC tech was called back ($165) and the latest diagnosis by the Nest tech was that the wiring for the house was bad!!!! Ok, fine, got wires run under the house ($350) to fix the issue, still the Nest did not work. Contacted Nest again, since there is absolutely nothing else in the system to change or replace, the Nest was deemed to be incompatible with my system (wow the Nest tech figured this out now!). Bought an Ecobee3 off Amazon, installed it in 20 minutes, works flawlessly, in fact in my opinion, it works better than the Nest.

  • dean tredway - Affective.

    When used properly and accordingly this s*** really works. Just don't be a dumb ho like my ex and forget to drink it before your probation meeting.

  • Glenn E Copen Jr - Excellent products

    Compared to other sets, this has the things that make them more useful, including handles that do not overheat and holes in handles for hanging.

  • einct - Best tasting protein shake

    I have been doing a half hour class of boot camp 5 x/week for four weeks now and started these shakes 3 weeks in. Work is so busy that its difficult to eat a proper breakfast and lunch. These nutritious shakes make getting all the vitamins needed so easy. And the best part is that they taste soooo good. There are hundreds of recipes online to mix into them to change up the flavor,too, so you'll never be bored. As for the weight loss, it's not going to magically come off. Remember, it took more than a week or 2 to gain it- you cannot expect to lose it healthily in that amount of time either. But I will say this- they are very filling if you are committed to losing weight and getting on a healthy track. After my first 7 days eating this way and exercising - I have lost 4 lbs. but am confident I will continue to lose. I am not a scale addict- I go by how my clothes fit; but it IS nice to see the numbers on the scale going down, too. Good luck!

  • Alen T. - Good price. It gets rid of my snoring/breathing loudly ...

    Good price. It gets rid of my snoring/breathing loudly when I sleep problem. I attach a fitbit to myself to see how often I move when I sleep and with this on my nose, I noticed that I barely move or not move at all. This greatly decrease the amount of times I move around in bed and gives me a better amount of sleep at night.