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Probiotic.org - Probiotics, Prebiotics, Yogurt, Acidophilus, Lactobacillus, Kefir and Other Sources of Friendly Bacteria - The leading information and source guide to probiotics product reviews, probiotic supplements, information about friendly bacteria strains such as Acidophilus and Saccharomyces Boulardii, as well as research about foods rich in probiotics like Yogurt and Kefir. In depth resereach about the probiotic relationship with antibiotics, candida, yeast infections,immune system, IBS, and more.

  • http://www.probiotic.org/about-us.htm About Us - With over a dozen expert authors contributing to this site, we pride ourselves on sharing a variety of unbiased opinions in a clear and concisely edited site devoted to the topic of probiotics.
  • http://www.probiotic.org/probiotic-strains.htm Probiotic Strains - Probiotic strains such as Bifidus, l. acidophilus, l. Bulgaricus, l. Reuteri, l. Rhamnosus, l Salvarius, Saccharomyces Boulardii, Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, and Streptococcus Thermophilus. They cover a wide range of the various probiotic strains and how they affect the balance of the intestinal flora by adding friendly bacteria species to the body.
  • http://www.probiotic.org/probiotic-research.htm Probiotic Research - In depth resereach about probiotics and their relationship with children, adults, and pets. Discover how certain probiotic supplements and foods rich in probiotics can impact use of antibiotics and affect health concerns such as candida, yeast infections,immune system, IBS, and more.
  • http://www.probiotic.org/probiotic-supplement-reviews.htm Probiotic Supplement Reviews - Probiotic reviews, including supplement brands, listed benefits, probioitic strains and cfu counts, side effects, benefits and recent research.
  • http://www.probiotic.org/probiotic-news.htm Probiotic News - The latest probiotic news and events that are shaping and changing what we know about the science behind probiotics.
  • http://www.probiotic.org/acidophilus.htm Acidophilus - Acidophilus probiotic information, l. acidophilus benefits, lactobacillus acidophilus safety, and research.
  • http://www.probiotic.org/bifidobacterium-bifidum.htm Bifidobacterium Bifidum - Bifidobacterium Bifidum probiotic information, B. Bifidum benefits, safety, and research.
  • http://www.probiotic.org/bifidobacterium-infantis.htm Bifidobacterium Infantis - Bifidobacterium Infantis probiotic information, B. Infantis benefits, safety, and research.
  • http://www.probiotic.org/Bifidobacterium-Longum.htm Bifidobacterium Longum - Bifidobacterium Longum probiotic information, B. Longum benefits, safety, and research.
  • http://www.probiotic.org/bifidobacterium-animalis.htm Bifidobacterium Animalis - Bifidobacterium animalis probiotic information, b. animalis benefits, safety, and research.
  • http://www.probiotic.org/bifidobacterium-breve.htm Bifidobacterium Breve - Bifidobacterium Breve probiotic information, B. Breve benefits, safety, and research.
  • http://www.probiotic.org/lactobacillus.htm Lactobacillus - lactobacillus probiotic information, benefits, lactobacillus safety, and research.
  • http://www.probiotic.org/lactobacillus-brevis.htm Lactobacillus Brevis - lactobacillus brevis probiotic information, l. brevis benefits, safety, and research.
  • http://www.probiotic.org/lactobacillus-bulgaricus.htm Lactobacillus Bulgaricus - lactobacillus bulgaricus probiotic information, l. bulgaricus benefits, safety, and research.
  • http://www.probiotic.org/lactobacillus-casei.htm Lactobacillus Casei - lactobacillus casei probiotic information, l. casei benefits, safety, and research.
  • http://www.probiotic.org/lactobacillus-helveticus.htm Lactobacillus Helveticus - lactobacillus helveticus probiotic information, l. helveticus benefits, safety, and research.
  • http://www.probiotic.org/lactobacillus-plantarum.htm Lactobacillus Plantarum - lactobacillus plantarum probiotic information, l. plantarum benefits, safety, and research.
  • http://www.probiotic.org/lactobacillus-rhamnosus.htm Lactobacillus Rhamnosus - Lactobacillus Rhamnosus probiotic information, L. Rhamnosus benefits, safety, and research.
  • http://www.probiotic.org/lactobacillus-sporogenes.htm Lactobacillus Sporogenes - Lactobacillus Sporogenes probiotic information, l. sporogenes benefits, safety, and research.
  • http://www.probiotic.org/lactobacillus-salvarius.htm Lactobacillus Salvarius - Lactobacillus Salvarius probiotic information, l. salvarius benefits, safety, and research.

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