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  • Tleapierce - Works great!

    This stuff worked great! My best friend and I got matching tattoos when she came to visit. We both used it. We had planned on her to go first but because she was getting something else they had me go first. Needless to say, I didn't have it on but only 45 minutes. It still worked great! I didn't feel a thing.. It was totally worth it!

  • chris - Easy to install

    Easy to install . Perfect fit . Love the look and I use chemicals guys plastic restorer to shine the plastic because it's not painted and it looks great

  • R. Rhodes - Check the BBB, there's a long list of issues and complaints.

    Do not fall for this product line. I email requested terminating my account 3 times before I finally called the company (and usually the vm is full) and spoke to someone who stopped the orders four months ago...and today I started receiving it again! Send for the free sample and you're stuck for an automatic refill AND AUTOMATIC CREDIT CHARGE whether you like it or not. The product itself is only just OK, I got just as good of results from drug-store products and a lower cost than 189.00!

  • MCESQ - Good product for sustained liver vitality.

    Been taking the product for almost 6 months now and I really like it. It doesn't provide a drastic overnight effect; however, after a few months I did notice increased energy and recovery time especially after having a few cocktails! The liver is obviously a critically important organ for energy, vitality and health. The capsules are tasteless and packed full of minerals and herbs which have been researched thoroughly by the medical community. Milk thistle, turmeric and other ingredients have been shown to have positive effects on the body's main filter! I recommend but only if you are willing to stick to it for at 3 months otherwise you may not notice anything and sell yourself short.

  • Amazon Customer - cracking heels--this cream really works

    I have tried many creams for dried, cracking heels. My podiatrist reccomended this one and I tried it not expecting much.This cream made a huge diference in just a few days.This is my first product review and I do reccomend this whole heartedly.

  • Michele - Very Much in Love

    This is my first Chromebook, I've had it for 4 days and I absolutely love it. I needed something inexpensive I could get online with and do my schoolwork on. I spent several days comparing prices, hardware, features and reviews between Chromebooks and laptops. After reading other reviews here I ended up purchasing this Chromebook with the celeron processor. I LOVE it. It fits my needs perfectly. Typing on it is very nice and smooth, the track pad works well, I like that light taps are all it needs and I can adjust the sensitivity if I want to. I can also either click the track pad and drag or tap and drag. The display is beautiful and one of the main reasons I choose this Chromebook. And luckily I can adjust the text size or the zoom on the webpages for those pages with a lot of text to make them easier to read. It is very fast, turns on instantly, loads webpages just about instantly and doesn't slow down when I have had 22 tabs open while researching including 2 tabs with videos and 1 tab with a browser game running. I found this to be very impressive. I've also enjoyed the Google or online versions of word, excel, and powerpoint. I've only used powerpoint online and Google sheets so far, but I was able to do everything I needed to do without any problems. I also love since this is a web based laptop it's not cluttered with icons for every program on the main screen, it has a very nice clean appearance made even more so by hiding the task bar. As other reviewers have stated this machine does not get hot and is silent, I never hear the fan come on even when I use this most of the day. The body is made of plastic but feels like a good quality, stable and not cheap or flimsy. I also really love the backlit keyboard, I've wanted one for a while, it comes in handy and is a very nice feature that makes this Chromebook seem like a high end machine, along with the display. This Chromebook fits my needs perfectly as a portable option to being chained to my desktop for school work. I really love it and at the $300 I paid for it, an excellent value and worth every penny.

  • David Henderson - This was easy to install

    This was easy to install. The only draw back was the lack of written instructions. It will take you a small bit force to remove the bottom tabs of the previous part, since you can not reach inside to the tabs. (This was a little unexpected and requires you wrap your fingers around the part and pull) The parts pops right off with the rubber gasket (Which you need on the new part first) before replace the new door. This door is a better look all together and well worth it.